Attacco alla blockchain Solana: 8 mila wallet di criptovalute sono stati violati thumbnail

The Solana blockchain is under attack

Solana blockchain attack: 8 thousand cryptocurrency wallets were hacked thumbnail

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The Solana blockchain network is under hacker attack. THEIn particular, the so-called “hot wallets” constantly connected to the network were attacks. At the moment, estimates indicate that at least $ 7 million has already been stolen from the cryptocurrency wallets of their rightful owners. Here are the details on the case:

The Solana blockchain is under attack: 7 million dollars stolen

In these hours, An attack on the Solana blockchain has been confirmed which led to the subtraction of more than 7 million dollars from “hot wallets”, cryptocurrency wallets constantly connected to the network. In total, there would be 8 thousand wallets violated. For the moment, hardware wallets, i.e. devices not connected to the network constantly, would not be involved in the attack on Solana. There is very little information on this attack.

At the base of the violation there would be the compromise of some private keys for access to wallets. However, specific information regarding the breach has not yet been disclosed. It should be noted that the various wallets affected by the attack on the blockchain network were created through services such as Phantom and TrustWallet as revealed in these hours by CoinDesk.

The same providers have confirmed that they are working to accurately assess the nature of the attack. It will be necessary to wait for the next few days to understand both the characteristics of the violation and its real extent. In fact, confirmation of further attacks on the network may soon emerge. For more details, you can also follow Solana’s Twitter account.

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