The splendid realism of RPGs

At the end of the 1980s, the invasion of personal computers revolutionized the way we all pass the time

Even before the advent of consoles, more suitable for arcade games or sports simulations, other games in which the user totally immersed himself in the part of the character he took control of, began to implement the great digital revolution. These are role-playing games, perfect representations of first-person adventures in which every decision of the player could influence the development of the game itself. A revolutionary mode for the time that still fascinates those who love to immerse themselves in the part of the protagonists of adventurous events, in which every choice is fundamental in the continuation of the story itself.

The characteristics of role-playing games: magical realism

Disrupting an important literary comparison such as that of the famous Colombian author Gabriel García Marquez, we can indicate how these games are characterized by plots that mix reality with fantasy, seeking that magical realism that allows you to experience a unique adventure. Although still linked to the first conception dating back to the beginning of the diffusion of PCs, nowadays role-playing games are represented by various rather modern products, such as Raid Shadow Legends, one of the current PC games that can be played on mobile devices of all kinds, with compelling graphics and storyline. However, there are still those who remember the first role-playing games for PC that allowed the user to wander with the mind. After all, it was thanks to their first impulse that a current of videogames was formed, especially suited to the public who wanted to be one with the plot of the game. Being able to feel like real protagonists of an adventure, especially for the first generations of users struggling with personal computers, was a need that the creators and authors of role-playing games understood immediately, thus applying the requests of the public to their programming. .

How RPGs work between adventures and fights

With this in mind, a product like Raid Shadow Legends takes on the connotations of the complete video game for the current generations, which have grown both by consuming mythological legends, and also appreciating video games based on combat. This game that broke into the world market in January 2019 represents a perfect compromise between the classic and the modern version of an RPG. In this case we are in the world of Teleria, where the constant wars perpetrated by the evil Siroth’s army are making life impossible for anyone. The user thus ends up taking the part of the good guys, who in this case are called to give life to their own army, with the aim of slowly freeing the whole world from the evil that rages there. In addition to the speed with which the user can feel an integral part of the plot, it should be noted that one of the strengths of this game is the excellent graphics, which allows you to enjoy a captivating product from a visual and immersive point of view. In the wake of films like The Lord of the Rings, one of the most awarded ever in Hollywood, RPGs like Raid Shadow Legends are riding the wave of an increasingly successful trend among gamers.