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The Stories arrive on the Xbox App

Good news for users ofApp Xbox, ready to launch the new Instagram-style Stories feature. “This month’s update will bring activity to the Xbox App Feed for iOS and Android in the form of Stories. You will be able to create, share and view stories with your friends in the Xbox app and add priority tags for gaming experiences with the “Quality of Service (QoS)” tag. Thus Microsoft announces the new format available on the mobile App of its game console. So let’s find out what it is specifically.

Xbox: App adds Instagram-style Stories

“Stories allow you to show off your skills and keep up to date with your friends. You can share your favorite gameplay moments, including game clips, screenshots and achievements with your friends and the Xbox community. ” So Microsoft announces the new feature available on the Xbox mobile app. As you can imagine, the option is absolutely similar to the one we already know on the Instagram App, except for a few details. For all players, in fact, the stories will be available on the application for 72 hours – unlike the usual 24 hours of Instagram or other Apps -.

The operation, however, is very similar to what we already know. “To create a story, click the + button on your gamertag located within the stories channel, then select the game clip, screenshot or achievement you want to post from the gallery – so the platform’s blog reads – . Once selected, you will arrive at a story preview page where you can choose to add a caption to your post and then click on the post button located at the bottom right “.

For now, the new feature is available only in Australia, but we are pretty sure that it will soon become available almost everywhere. We, for our part, expect to see you in Italy as soon as possible. As you can imagine, we can’t wait to try it!

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