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The thousand fraudulent uses of ChatGPT, among hackers, scams and fake news

The thousand fraudulent uses of ChatGPT, among hackers, scams and fake news thumbnail

While a part of the civilized world thinks about the incredible application potential of artificial intelligence (AI), on the other side there are those who try to take advantage of it. Not always legally. A few weeks ago we told you about how ChatGPTOpenAI’s conversational chatbot, has been used by various hackers to create malware.

LLMs, an acronym for Large Language Model, have been employed in numerous other illegal activities, such as AI scams (read more here). Another particularly popular trend is that of fake news and fake videos (remember the photos of Trump arrested)?

Europol: a workshop to stop hacker attacks via ChatGPT

Given the growing concern about the fraudulent use of technology, Europol has promoted workshops with experts in the cyber security sector to take stock of the situation. Europol points out to us, in its introduction, that ChatGPT does not provide any extra information that is not already available on the internet. However, it is true that the chatbot significantly speeds up searches, aggregating information from a large number of websites and providing a summary answer of the entire digital knowable.

According to experts, the fraudulent use of ChatGPT by hackers and scammers follows three main trends:

  • Phishing: the AI ​​is able to generate a credible text, ready to be sent to the victims’ email boxes.
  • Fake News: precisely because of its advanced ability to create texts, ChatGPT is able to generate a plausible article containing false information.
  • Malware: a novice hacker could use (and history tells us it did) ChatGPT to program malware. Not only that: an expert hacker can use AI to speed up and perfect the writing of malware code, thus being able to organize many attacks in a very short time.

You can consult the full Europol report at this link.

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