The toner market is growing

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The market for toners and printers is constantly growing, also due to the fact that today a lot of people work from home.

Today we all use cartridges, toners and printers, both in the office and at home.

After the long period of the lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic, some sectors have suffered a severe crisis and recession.

On the other hand, there are sectors that have not been affected by this situation, in particular we are talking about the electronics and stationery sector.

Printer toner

In fact, many people were forced to work in smart working at that time, and had to create an office at home. For this he also had to equip himself with all the accessories and essential elements for office work, such as for example printer tonerreams of paper, desk accessories.

Furthermore, many companies have currently confirmed smart working among their working methods, in addition to the resumption of normal activities at the headquarters, even after the pandemic.

The market for original cartridges and toners is therefore growing also for this period, so much so that according to market studies it is estimated that by 2028 the sector of toner and inks for printers will grow worldwide by 20 billion dollars.

Laser printers and fine powders

The pandemic has changed many aspects of our daily life and in particular that of work, so much so that today companies apply work from home for their employees in a stable manner, even if only for a few days a week.

For their part, schools too, due to distance learning, have led to an increase in sales of PCs, laptops, tablets, printers and consumables.

For this reason, the demand for stationery products such as cartridges and original toner for printers, but also compatible ones, is always increasing.

Many people also decide to invest in this sector as it seems to be one of the trades of the future, and which will also bring profitable profits.

The toner is made with a very fine powder of resins, carbon particles and iron oxides, and the non-dry powder like liquid ink, ensures a long life and is optimal for black and white printing.

In addition, laser printers ensure great printing speed, and therefore the toner is perfect for office printing.

The cartridges are liquid ink, suitable for printing color images, and work on inkjet printers.

We must know however that laser printers and fine powders they go hand in hand, and toner powder is emitted into the air, along with volatile organic compounds and ozone. For this reason it is advisable to open the windows every day and ventilate the room well, if we have a laser printer, especially if you stop in the same room where the printer is located.

Correct way to replace the cartridge

If we have genuine cartridges and toners, we need to know how to replace them.

To better manage printer toners and cartridges, we must therefore also know the correct way to replace the cartridge.

You should wear gloves first when changing toner, so as not to come into contact with toner powder.

Then you have to remove the used toner, to do this just lift the part of the printer machine and find the toner compartment. On new toner, there is usually a film where the dust comes out. It should be removed gently without letting out any dust, and the toner should be placed in the appropriate compartment.

For the cartridge the same thing, only there is no problem for ink leaking.

At this point the game is done. Our printer has a new toner or cartridge, but better run a test print before you start printing your documents.

The used toner or cartridge must be brought to the eco center and disposed of as special waste.