The tool to create podcasts arrives on the Spotify App

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It is certainly no secret that theSpotify app has decided a while ago to invest in podcasts. Precisely for this reason, now the platform is adding to its mobile application – starting with the New Zeland – one podcast creation tool. An important novelty, especially if we consider that until now it is necessary to use third party tools to create podcasts to share on Spotify. So let’s go find out something more.

Spotify: Mobile app adds a tool to create and share podcasts

As we have already mentioned, Spotify users currently need to use third-party tools to create and share their podcasts. Among them, one of the best known is Anchor, directly connected to the music streaming platform. In the future, however, there may no longer be a need to use it, as the company is adding a tool to its mobile app. to record and publish podcasts. And as reported by Michael Mignanoco-founder of Anchor, this tool will allow creators to publish their podcasts “without the need for additional tools or hardware”.

At the moment, however, the tool will be made available from the Spotify App only for New Zealand users. Yet the platform was keen to show everyone how the new tool will work, with an explanatory video that reveals it in preview. As you can see below, the mobile application will add a + button. By tapping it, you will be able to access the new option “Record podcast”. At this point, users will be able to choose whether to record the podcast at once or several times, and then start recording. After this phase, the tool will provide you options to cut audio it’s the add background music.

Once these operations have been completed, all you have to do is give your podcast a name, add a cover image and then share it on the Spotify App. In short, an easy and fast operation, which will allow you to let all users of the platform listen to your podcast. When will it be available in Italy? We still don’t know. But we are sure that after New Zealand there will be not a few countries that will be able to benefit from the new tool for podcasts.

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