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The Tormented Souls review – an old school homage (with a few flaws)

A few days ago we tried Tormented Soulsa survival horror which is inspired by classics like Resident Evil, and we’re ready to tell you what we think with this one review. Our test took place on PlayStation 4.

Before proceeding we would like to tell you that the title is a PEGI 18hence the content it is not suitable for everyone. The game is in fact characterized by rather strong and violent images.

The Tormented Souls review – an old school homage

When it comes to survival horror it is impossible to leave some franchises in the dark, those who they did the kind and that, at the same time, allowed him to evolve. Among the most popular we find Resident Evilwhich unites the survival horror with more action mechanics (depending on the chapter) or Silent Hillthe progenitor of the genus.

Nowadays it is difficult to find titles that bring justice to these famous video games. Sure, we know there are many interesting games e well done; often, however, they lack that I don’t know what. That something that allows them to take the next and decisive step.

If you are looking for a title that can convey those same feelings to you, perhaps you should turn to indie developers come Dual Effect Games. The study has published a title, the one we are going to review today, entitled Tormented Souls. The goal of the game is to emulate atmospheric gameplay e full of puzzles of the classic Resident Evils and Silent Hill series, while introducing his own more modern personality.

Tormented Souls is a interesting title and we still don’t know for sure whether or not he has that I don’t know what; what is certain, however, is that he really works hard and it is a homage to the great franchises of the 90sdespite the presence of some defects.

Are you curious to learn more about the topic? Before proceeding we would like to remind you that the title is a PEGI 18so both the trailer and the game content can disturb the most sensitive viewers.

In Tormented Souls we play the role of Caroline Walkera young girl who receives a mysterious letter with a photo of two twin sisters. The letter comes from Winterlake Hospital. For some strange reason, Caroline decides to go to Winterlake to investigate these two little girls. Unfortunately for her (and for us), once we get to Winterlake, the protagonist suddenly comes hit in the head with a tube and knocked out.

Later he wakes up in a bathtub, without an eye. After exploring the area and finding a way to escape, Caroline soon realizes being trapped inside the hospital. As you can imagine, this cramped place will not be empty. Among the long dark corridors, in which tension can be cut with a knife, there are hidden strane creature.

In addition to dealing with a creepy priestwe will have to face (or flee, the choice is yours) twisted creatures, monstrous, almost impossible to describe. Our goal, however, is quite clear: we must explore the hospital in search of the two sisters in the photo and understand once and for all. what is happening.

From a plot point of view, we can say that Tormented Souls is quite predictable but, thinking about it, not a big deal after all. We know who the game is inspired by and it’s pretty obvious too. Despite the inspiration and some borrowed elements, however, the title boasts one strong beautiful personality. The narrative of the entire game, on the other hand, develops through file e diary that we will find scattered in every corner of the hospital and that will help us understand the story better.

Setting and lights


Inside the title you can breathe so much atmosphere to Resident Evil. Inspiration from the famous franchise Capcom it is quite evident; at the same time, however, Tormented Souls he also puts his own and makes everything “familiar and new”.

We would like to open an important parenthesis on settings, flawlessly crafted by developers. We are not here to make comparisons because they are still two different video games, despite the similitudes and the shared genderbut we would like to underline how much the Tormented Souls settings are able to hold its own against those of Resident Evil. Also in this case the previous speech is valid: atmosphere already seen ma unique personalitywhich only the Dual Effect Games title can offer.

An interesting, even if at times annoying, element concerns the play of light and shadow. Staying in the dark for too long will lead to a game over sudden and all Caroline has, at least initially, is a lighter a give it light.

Given the circumstances of the title, we doubt anyone will want to stay too long in the dark but it is not always easy to get close to the light. While Caroline is holding the lighter we can’t fight: this means that some areas will remain blocked due to the presence of enemies.

On the one hand we roll a sigh of relief; on the other hand, however, we remain a little bad. It would have been interesting delve into this aspect better but perhaps it is one of those that make the game unique.

Another element that we appreciated and that brings to mind the afternoons spent in front of the PlayStation 1, are the puzzles. The title boasts multi-stage puzzles which push the player to reflect without however put him too much in trouble. In this title the right answer is almost never a single one and this makes the gaming experience even more more interesting.

Before proceeding and analyzing the flaws that this interesting title has, we want to talk to you about another game element that we really liked. We are talking about the cameras. As old school games dictate, in Tormented Souls we have no control over the angles of the camera. In short, it is a method that serves to make the atmosphere even more exciting e full of twists. We particularly liked this aspect.

The weak point: the enemies and the fighting


But now it’s time to talk about painful notes.

Fight against these creatures and making your way through the dark corridors of the hospital is one of the main elements of the game that, however, the development team could have make it more interesting and compelling. The enemies were made so incredible But unfortunately they lose much of their dark charm because of miserable combat system.

The fights in Tormented Souls are too much simple and while Caroline has a pretty interesting arsenal, the enemies are too static. Their attacks lack variety e fantasiaand alternate a pair of ranged attacks to some short range. Dodging these attacks will be very simple and Caroline, at that point, will be almost invincible.

Another element that disappointed us is the lack of a boss able to take our breath away. Who bravely faced (and maybe a few screams) Mr. Xthe Nemesis or Pyramid Head, he knows exactly what we are talking about. Enemies are one of the most important aspects of the game and the development team should have pay more attention to this particular.

Moreover, the simplicity of the fights, combined with their few moves, does vanish the tension completely that was built before that moment. It really is a Sin.

The Tormented Souls review: so, pass or fail?

Tormented Souls is definitely a good gameespecially if we take into account the fact that it is a indie and therefore of a title with a very low budget compared to the competition. Taking this important element into account, we can say that Dual Effect Games has managed to find the perfect balance and that’s why, for us, is promoted. Obviously not with flying colorsmind you.

As much as we may overlook the “low budget” element, it is still necessary to remember these defects which may annoy some players. Importantly, the Dual Effect Games team has offered the public a title that pays homage to the old school of Silent Hill e Resident Evil and which, at the same time, maintains a strong personality that makes itself felt.

However there is something what is missing, that something which does not allow him to take the next step inOlympus I gave survival horror. I fightingas we said earlier, they are far too simple and the few attacks available to enemies, unfortunately, destroy completely distressing atmosphere which is built up to a few seconds before a fight.

What we have noticed is that, at least in this survival horror, exploration surpasses combat e i enemies. So, if you prefer a title where you can explore without worrying too much about enemies but still maintain a dark vibe, then Tormented Souls is for you. If, on the other hand, you are an avid fan of Resident Evil action and miss the Silent Hill atmosphere, we are not sure may this game meet your expectations.

We remind you that Tormented Souls is available on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X | S.

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