The UK will access the artificial intelligence of OpenAI

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The United Kingdom aims to regulate the artificial intelligence sector as best as possibleAnd. To achieve this objective, the British Government may have access to AI models from OpenAI, DeepMind and Anthropic with the aim of studying its characteristics and evaluating the necessary countermeasures to be adopted to ensure maximum safety. Here are the details about the project:

The UK will study artificial intelligence

The Government has announced the creaction of an ad hoc taskforce for Artificial Intelligence Research in the UK. Therefore, access to AI models will be essential to gather all the information necessary to be able to evaluate the definition of a complete regulatory framework.

As clarified by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the Government will have “early and priority” access to AI models created by OpenAI, Google DeepMind and Anthropic. At the moment, it is not clear what data the United Kingdom will have access to but it is clear that the interests at stake are numerous and the analysis will be as thorough as possible.

In any case, a a similar system could also be adopted by the EUwith the new AI Act already proposed by the European Commission which aims to maximize the transparency of companies working in the sector. As far as the EU is concerned, it will be necessary to wait for the next few weeks to have clearer ideas about the projects.

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