The US has blocked a Russian intelligence hacker network

Gli USA hanno bloccato una rete hacker dell'intelligence russa thumbnail

The United States has announced that it has dismantled a bot hacker network controlled by Russian intelligence. That network would be used to bring some forward cyber attacks in Ukraine. The announcement came directly from Merrick Garland, the US government’s minister of justice. This is an important blow to the detriment of Russian IT structures which, for some time, have been carrying out cyber attacks of various types against Western targets. Here are all the details:

Russian intelligence-controlled hacker network blocked

The information disseminated on the blocking of the Russian hacker network is limited for now. The United States highlighted the use of such a network for various cyber attacks recorded in Ukraine over the past few months. It is therefore a significant “asset” of Russian intelligence that would have been used on several occasions in the past. Over the next few days, additional information may emerge on the matter.

The comment of the American minister

Here are the words of the US Justice Minister Merrick Garland reported by ANSA: “The Russian government has recently used similar infrastructure to attack Ukrainian targets. Fortunately, we were able to block the network before it could be used again thanks to the collaboration with our international partners ”. It should be noted that Garland also confirmed the indictment of the Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeyev who allegedly attempted to violate the sanctions and finance the separatists in Crimea and Donbass. To help the Russian oligarch was the American citizen John Hanick, also accused of false statements for his collaboration with Malofeyev.