The value of Bitcoins will exceed $ 100,000 by the end of 2021

Il valore dei Bitcoin supererà i 100 mila dollari entro fine 2021 thumbnail

An analyst, whose pseudonym is PlanB, continues to argue that the value of Bitcoins will reach $ 100,000 before the end of 2021 (currently we are between 64 thousand and 65 thousand dollars). The original prediction was unveiled last June, when the cryptocurrency was worth around $ 34,000. Over the course of these months, the model presented by PlanB has managed to predict the trend in the value of Bitcoins in a very precise way.

An analyst predicts new records for the value of Bitcoins

PlanB has fairly correctly predicted growth to $ 47,000 in August and decline to $ 43,000 in September. The model presented by the analyst predicted the achievement of a value of 63,000 dollars at the end of October. Last month, however, the cryptocurrency stopped at just over $ 61,000. However, this is a figure close to estimates.

Rapid growth for the next few weeks

The month of November, according to PlanB’s forecast, it should close with a tip of 98 thousand dollars of value for Bitcoins, a new historical record. The forecasts are even more ambitious for the month of December where the goal is to reach altitude 135 thousand dollars according to the analyst’s model. In a few weeks we will find out if PlanB’s predictions have turned out to be correct.