The videogame recap of the best of this (bad) 2020

The videogame recap of the best of this (bad) 2020

We know, talking about “better” in a nefarious year like the one that is about to end is not exactly the best. Although this 2020 is to be canceled, the gaming world has given some important pearls and we want to make a recap of the best

At the end of this 2020, a little to look for something positive (if there is) in everything that has happened, a little to wish you readers a better year, we wanted to draw up a small recap of the best releases in the gaming world. Between the release of the new generation consoles, iconic returns and fads as fleeting as they are unexpected, this year really everything has happened. Let’s find out together the best of this (bad) 2020! Let’s clarify that this is not meant to be a ranking, but rather an insight, month by month, of what happened this year.

Under the banner of postponement

As is well known, the Covid emergency has created delays and inconvenience in all sectors, including the video game industry. The software houses were forced to stop the development of the games, to reorganize the work and consequently to postpone the release dates of their products. Despite this, however, during this year we have got our hands on some of the best games around. Between the closing of a cycle of consoles and the birth of the new generation we have witnessed, thanks to some videogame pearls, to what could be considered the maximum point the industry has ever achieved. Are you curious what we’re talking about, huh?

Ori and the Will of the Wisps – The recap of the best of a bad 2020

The first months of 2020 did not see particularly exciting releases, until the release of Ori and the Will of the Wisps. The second chapter dedicated to the adventures of little Ori, without too many words, it is a real masterpiece; not only do we talk about one of the best platformers ever released, but of an emotionally engaging, extremely fun and artistically flawless game. Between a new bestiary, new skills and a beautifully told story, Ori confirms himself the perfect forerunner for our recap. A start with a bang, in short!

The videogame recap of the best of this (bad) 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – The videogame recap of the best of a bad 2020

In the same month of March, to share the square with Ori, we find one of the most talked about games of the year. Animal Crossing: New Horizons makes its being neither meat nor fish an extreme strength. Full of little distractions, which allow you to play for hours carrying out hundreds of different activities, this game proves to be a family game suitable for everyone, characterized by a really well done multiplayer component. Not for nothing, Animal Crossing won the award as “Best Family Game” ai Game Awards 2020.

The videogame recap of the best of this (bad) 2020

Half-Life: Alyx – The videogame recap of the best of a bad 2020

To conclude a respectable month of March, we find the best VR game ever made. Half-Life: Alyx, despite the weight of an important name, puts on her shoulders an almost forgotten (albeit famous) franchise, bringing it back to a new luster thanks to virtual reality. Alyx squeezes like a lemon the technical potential of VR, as well as the possibilities in the gameplay that this technology offers: the result is a brilliant and incredibly engaging title, as well as proving to be a real game changer for an entertainment medium that is still not very accessible, but certainly full of potential. 10 points to Valve.

The videogame recap of the best of this (bad) 2020

Final Fantasy VII Remake – The videogame recap of the best of a bad 2020

If you remember well, in the introduction of this special we talked about iconic returns. Among all, the one of Cloud and AVALANCHE certainly stands out. Satisfied the videogame hunger of the month of March, Final Fantasy VII Remake bursts on the market breaking the criticism because of its ending. Although Square Enix’s artistic and narrative revolution has not been welcomed, the game is a real pleasure for fans of the franchise. FF VII remake is beautiful to see and play and manages to fully satisfy expectations (at least up to the 16th chapter).

The videogame recap of the best of this (bad) 2020

The Last of Us Part II – The videogame recap of the best of a bad 2020

Taking a small leap forward, we arrive at the spearhead of this recap of the best of 2020 videogame. There are actually so many things to say about this game that just one review wouldn’t be enough. The Last of Us Part II, in addition to being the final point of arrival of PlayStation 4, is to be considered one milestone in the history of video games. Winner of ben 13 awards, Naughty Dog’s jewel is perfect from all points of view. Artistically perfect, narratively exceptional and technically flawless, The Last of Us Part II cannot be missing from your list. One of the best entertainment products of recent years, hands down.

The videogame recap of the best of this (bad) 2020

A strange multiplayer phenomenon – The videogame recap of the best of a bad 2020

In the period following the release of The Last of Us Part II, we have seen a particular phenomenon. Or rather, to two parallel phenomena in their being multiplayer, but definitely different from each other. The first concerns Among Us, a game released for mobile and PC in 2018 that he found after 2 years its consecration, also thanks to the general domestic boredom of the lockdown. There wombocombo streamer – bored users certainly brought good to the InnerSloth guys, who given the unexpected success of their game, are currently working on an Among Us 2.

The second phenomenon concerns Fall Guys. Its identifying characteristic of “atypical” battle royale, mixed with the fact that the game was included among the free games of the PlayStation Plus of August, allowed the game to place itself on the podium of the most played multiplayer this year alongside untouchables like Fortnite and CoD. The videogame transposition of Takeshi’s Castle it is the clear demonstration that a good intuition is sometimes better than any technical means.

The videogame recap of the best of this (bad) 2020

The Nvidia case – The videogame recap of the best of a bad 2020

September 2020 was certainly characterized by the release on the market (in theory) of the new generation Nvidia GPUs. 3000 series has appeared on the market from September 1st, although to date it is still a problem to find one of the new cards. The main feature of this new generation of video cards marked by the initials RTX, is the presence of ray-tracing, a new way to render lights, reflections and particle effects for unprecedented realism.

If on the one hand, however, we find a hungry mass of users lining up to grab one of the much coveted GPUs, on the other we find a manufacturer bent over the Covid emergency. To date, the only cards that can be purchased are available at third-party sites at extremely increased prices.

The videogame recap of the best of this (bad) 2020

A return with a bang – The videogame recap of the best of a bad 2020

The autumn of 2020, to be precise the month of October, was characterized by two huge returns. The first, certainly less important of the two, concerns Amnesia Rebirth. After 10 years from the release of Dark Descent, a new chapter of the saga finally arrives on the market to show the horror catalog who’s in charge.

But the most anticipated return, the one that all Sony fans have been waiting for with trepidation, was that of Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. The most famous bandicoot ever is back on PlayStation 4 (e Xbox) just in time for close the loop of the console, with a platform halfway between the Crash tradition that fans have loved madly, and the innovation of current technical means. The result is a huge return, the fruit of a exemplary work by Activision.

The videogame recap of the best of this (bad) 2020

The new generation consoles – The videogame recap of the best of a bad 2020

In a month of November full of titles for all tastes, the real queens of the parties were them: the next generation consoles. Despite the emergency, the consoles were released for the scheduled date, albeit in limited quantities. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X e Series S open the way for a generation that has already begun with a bang, thanks also to the numerous cross-gen titles coming out in the same month.

We certainly include among the most anticipated Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, Watch Dogs Legion e AC Valhalla that do not absolutely regret the second postponement of Cyberpunk 2077 in just over two months. In addition to these, the spearheads presented with the new generation: Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Godfall and the great return of Demon’s Souls, the only true exclusive of PlayStation 5 and next-gen to date.

The videogame recap of the best of this (bad) 2020

Cyberpunk 2077 – The videogame recap of the best of a bad 2020

Despite the return of Worms, this time in a brand new battle royale guise, and the revelation Immortals Fenyx Rising, the month of December it was dominated by only one title: Cyberpunk 2077. Needless to mention the more than troubled history of Cyberpunk, despite the fact that the memes about the constant delays are always hilarious. The house game CD Projekt, although it is still in the eye of the storm due to the huge amount of bugs and problems that plague it, turned out to be a really great title.

In addition, the historic software house producing The Witcher is doing its utmost to churn out resolving patches in record time, showing to be by the side of the fans to put a patch on the many mistakes made.

The videogame recap of the best of this (bad) 2020

In short, happy new year!

Well friends, this was our special recap on the best of this disastrous 2020. With the hope of a 2021 definitely better than the upcoming year, we wish you a happy new year full of success and happiness! As always, we greet you reminding you to stay tuned to for further specials, reviews, guides and much more on the world of video games. Hello and best wishes!