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THE VOICE of your generation: GenZ talks about itself in a podcast

It’s not always simple talk about and with the new generations. Rampant technological progress seems to have changed our customs even more rapidly than in the past, not counting the influence of the last turbulent years, and the gap between adults and children is getting wider and wider. This is why it is also important to find ways to give space to the younger ones, to make themselves heard and to tell their stories. And this is how the podcast was born, with the support of Samsung Electronics Italia THE VOICE of your generation.

THE VOICE of your generation, a new podcast from the boys

This three-part series, available exclusively on Spotify, takes off from a setting that will immediately rekindle the memories of many: a bus, during the school trip at the end of the year. And here we can already perceive the generation gap: thanks to the pandemic, for many young people that experience so important and memorable, there wasn’t.

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From this starting point a narration and a comparison between 12 boys and girls between 15 and 18 years old, which addresses key issues of the so-called GenZ. We start from the passions, and then move on to the problem with insecurity and the fear of being judged, up to the broader relationship with others, in a broad sense. All with a special travel companion: Julia Stablea young dancer, one of the protagonists of the twentieth edition of Amici e Influencer.

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The making of THE VOICE OF YOUR GENERATION was a long and careful process. The 12 boys and girls who conceived, wrote and implemented the project faced a training course special. There were gods to guide them mentor Samsungbut also Loretta Redaellipsychosocial analyst and counselor expert in psychopedagogical dynamics, e Matthew DiPalmahost, podcaster and teacher of radio communication.

The training experience coped every area you need to be prepared for for this project. Naturally, there were lessons dedicated to writing and creating podcasts, but also insights into the psychological dynamics related to the adolescent world.

A concrete commitment from Samsung

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Il podcast THE VOICE of your generation was also born with the support of Samsung Electronics Italia, as mentioned above. This is an initiative that fits perfectly into the company’s commitment summed up by the claim Together for Tomorrow! Enabling People. For this Anastasia BudaCorporate Citizenship & Internal Communication Manager of Samsung Electronics Italia commented on the launch of the project as follows:

“With THE VOICE of your generation we wanted to accompany Generation Z on a path of growth, made up of training, learning, but above all listening to oneself and to others. The creation of the podcast has given them the opportunity to express themselves in a different way, with only their voice and without those filters that we are increasingly surrounded by online.

By listening to our 12 voices, we hope that the young people of generation Z feel less alone, but also that parents, educators and anyone who cares about the future of our society will learn to listen and observe the beauty of this generation, which does not deserve labels.

Samsung has been supporting the new generations for years and, through dedicated technologies and training initiatives, we help them realize their full potential. All of Samsung’s educational programs are designed to promote quality, inclusive learning experiences so that everyone can be an empowered digital citizen and a pioneer of positive social change.”

THE VOICE OF YOUR GENERATION has gone beyond the podcast as well

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When you open the creativity faucet, it is difficult to close it. The same happened to the LA VOCE boys and girls of your generation, who pooled their talents to develop new ideas. These took the form of two pieces, entitled A sea of ​​us e Shadowswritten and recorded by the protagonists of the podcast and its soundtrack.

Julia Stable commented on this collaboration:

“I am very happy to have worked with the guys on this project. I tried to convey to them the importance of always being themselves and reflecting on their thoughts and emotions, telling themselves for who they are. Sometimes you just need to find the right way and tool to do it. For me it was the dance, for them the voice. Art is born by looking inside and listening to oneself“.

If you want to know more about THE VOICE of your generationyou can listen to the episodes on Spotify or visit the official site of Samsung.

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