The Weekly Challenge feature is coming to Pikmin Bloom

La funzione Weekly Challenge è ora disponibile Pikmin Bloom thumbnail

Niantica company specializing in software development based on Augmented realityrecently announced the arrival of a new update per Pikmin Bloom. The smartphone application designed in collaboration with Nintendo and created for make walking more enjoyable of every day welcomes today Weekly Challenge. Let’s find out all the details together.

The Weekly Challenge update is now available on Pikmin Bloom

Starting today, Thursday 28 April, local timePikmin Bloom welcomes the new feature called Weekly Challenge. By clicking the new button Activities on the home screen, players will be able to view theactivity list which are currently underway.

All you have to do is select the challenge you want to participate in e set up the group of friends you want to join for start the weekly challenge. You can participate only to one Weekly Challenge per week.

The news, however, does not end here. Pikmin Bloom also boasts a Friends function which allows users to add friends through a friend code of 12 digits or a QR code. On the friends page it is possible see avatars of approved friendsi account names e i total steps made by each friend. Moreover, again from this page, you can send postcards to friends.

The new Weekly Challenge feature available on Pikmin Bloom will allow players to have fun with your friends even when they will not be physically together.

The first weekly challenge will consist in “aiming for the total number of steps specified in this week’s theme” together with your friends: once the goal is reached, the user group will receive a reward.

Are you afraid of not reaching the goal? Fear not, even then you will still receive something very nice, a nice bonus for participating. For the future Niantic has plans many other types of weekly challenges. Don’t lose sight of the new ones either Decor Pikmin Snackall to collect.

For more information and to stay up to date on the latest news, you can consult the Niantic official site.

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