The winners of Indie X Online 2022

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We told you about it these days, while the award ceremonies of the most convincing independent videogame titles of 2022 have just ended. Let’s talk about the event Indie X Online 2022, which, as the name suggests, took place completely digitally. Born in 2018 in Portugal, originally in a physical version like all the most classic trade fairs dedicated to video games, only following the pandemic state of emergency in 2020 did it transform its identity from physical to digital. Although it has experienced a radical transformation of its organization, Indie X has always remained one of the pivotal events dedicated to promoting the culture and production of indie videogame titles. Also this year, therefore, the event ended with the Awards Ceremony, streamed on Twitch. We wish to share with you all the details of the event and the winning titles!

The importance of independent videogame production

Before moving on to discover with you which were the titles awarded this year at Indie X Online 2022, it is good to specify why it is important to give voice to this type of production. Indie video games are increasingly becoming an expression of creativity and originality from the different development teams sprouting up around the world. These can thus bring their cultural significance to the screen of consoles of various types, which in turn influences the creative production from which the proposed titles arise.

Some events dedicated to this production section, testifying to the ever increasing importance? Not only local examples, such as the indie dungeon always present in the various editions of Milan Games Week & Cartoomics, but also Nintendo Showcase, Indie Live EXPO, Steam Next Fest and others. All occasions for discovery and turning on the spotlight on a world that deserves all our attention for the freshness of contents, sometimes even educational and distant from those offered by the Triple A titles, and as an opportunity to meet different global realities.

Indie X Online 2022, all the numbers of this year’s event

As we anticipated, Indie X is Portugal’s largest indie gaming showcase with Indie games from around the world. This year the event once again made a commitment to make a digital edition and collaborate with Valve again for another Steam + Sale event, active until November 14th. The indie title promotion event foresees the presence of both the finalists of this 2022 and also of the previous years.

Indie X’s mission is to promote the best indie games and support Portugal’s video game development industry by showcasing top national games alongside top international competitors. This year, gods 512 participants, 50 were chosen and broadcast in live streaming with the developers of RTP Arenathe Portuguese television channel eSports and videogames, from 3 to 9 November in 10 daily sessions.

NSwitchDS LittleOrpheus 05

How this year’s edition of the festival began

Indie X Online 2022 had opened its doors this summer, with the sending of the applications of the various teams, and then carefully selected about 50 indie games in total, to show in the November event. The selected finalists were offered a free stand, when the event took place in physical mode, to show their games and qualify in the “Best Of” category. In recent editions, however, to overcome any limitations imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, i titles are presented in livestream.

To deepen the contents offered, are also provided interviews with creatorsas well as several offers dedicated to securities of all the finalists of Indie X this year and past editions. An opportunity therefore to rediscover the indie pearls already available on Steam. In addition to being able to feast your eyes, and add new content to your library, with emerging titles. The novelties of this year are really curious, starting with the winning titles of the 2022 edition, which we are going to discover together below.

The winners of Indie X Online 2022 and the jury

A jury of judges from all over the world, among whom also appeared Dirk Gooding di Thunderful Games, Sebastian Blanco and Hernan Destri by ADVA / EVA Mike Matytsin of Xsolla and others awarded the following prizes to the finalists:

  • THE CHINESE ROOM LTD per Game of the Show con “Little Orpheus“, Plus a $ 2,000 cash prize
  • Bad Seed for the most innovative game with “Crime O’Clock
  • Thinkingstar for the best artistic direction with “In the year of change
  • Chanko Studios for the most fun title to play “It’s a Wrap
  • Nova-box which won the Games for Good award with “End of Lines

In parallel with the main competition and in collaboration with the Portuguese Association of Game Manufacturers (APVP) to help promote and evolve the Portuguese game development industry, it was awarded an award to HordeCore of the Digitality team as the best national game selected by the association. There is also a cash prize, which amounts to $ 1000.

We remind you that the winners named above were selected from a list of 50 finalists, all presented in this summary video:

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