The worst technological drawbacks that can ruin our lives

The worst technological drawbacks that can ruin our lives

More and more dependent on our technological devices, now even the smallest inconvenience can “ruin” our lives. Let’s see some examples!

In this period of forced isolation in the home, each of us super lovers of technology has access to it a large amount of time to devote to their technological devices; be they smartphones, consoles, latest generation televisions, computers or any other device we are fond of. We have compiled a list of “technological catastrophes” that can happen to us either by our own carelessness or by pure chance, and which risk turning our quarantine into a nightmare.

The PlayStation that doesn’t work

We just finished reading the list of the best video games coming out this year and maybe pre-ordered some titles. But during a multiplayer game, or for any other moment of anger we gamers are subjected to, our console falls to the ground and (if we’re lucky) we can only hear the console audio but no video signal on the TV is displayed. The related video port was probably damaged in the collision. The resulting black screen could be a cause of bewilderment and perdition for any gamer.

Fortunately, even in this case we can take advantage of online repair services, such as that of the HDMI repair on Playstation 4 that can be purchased from Dedoshop. Also in this case a courier will come to collect our PS4 and return it to us once the repair has been carried out.

The breakup of the TV

If we have decided to rearrange our gaming station, or simply the shelf where our TV or monitor are located, unfortunately it could happen that these suddenly collapse with resulting in breakage of the screen (in the best case). To overcome this problem many companies make available a home repair service, after opening a telephone ticket. Samsung through its intervention request page, makes available to its customers the home intervention of the technicians who, on the spot, repair the LCD panels of the TVs. It will not be the cheapest repair in the world, but it will allow us not to be isolated from the rest of the world.

The falling smartphone

In this case it is necessary to analyze the type of breakdown that the phone reports after the fall and decide whether to “carry on” while it works or intervene by sending it in for repair. Many manufacturers, if we are talking about warranty repair services or if we decide that the repair at the manufacturer provides us with a greater guarantee, allow the device to be shipped by providing a home delivery service. Of course, on reflection, it is preferable to spend a few weeks with the screen of the phone cracked rather than parting with it for a shorter or longer period. Almost all contacts in this period are via Social or telephony applications, so how can we survive without it?

The PC to be formatted

Just when we decided to dust off our laptop, recently replaced by the smartphone, here we realize that the operating system is very slow and that the best solution would be a reinstallation from scratch of the APPs and of the OS. The solution in this case could be really homemade and feasible with a real DIY. The vast majority of computers have the function of creating restore points enabled by default; before proceeding with the complete formatting of the device it may be sufficient to restore the PC to a date in which it was sure it worked. In this case the programs and APPs, but also all of our saves and data will be kept unaltered. In the case of formatting (to be used as a last resort) remember to make a copy first, perhaps on USB of our important and vital data.