Thor 5: our predictions on the rumored sequel and the powers of the God

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Thor 5, the predictions in the rumors of recent months have become rather insistent, for the occasion we can turn to the comics to understand what to expect from the sequel

Thor Love and Thunder debuted in theaters around the world last July 2022, dividing critics and audiences on the success of this film, harshly criticized for its excessive comedy and for having detracted, according to fans, two of the character’s best stories, which The Mighty Thor e The God Butcher, by Jason Aaron, comics well known for their darkness and seriousness in the topics covered, such as cancer and the importance of faith in a god. Taika Waititi, although he tried to insert the right amount of seriousness, especially regarding Jane Foster’s terminal illness, was unable to balance the seriousness with comedy, disproportionate the latter. However, despite the criticism, there are numerous predictions about Thor 5, predictions which you will find below.

Thor 5: predictions and unused powers of the God of Thunder

In view of the possible fifth chapter, Chris Hemsworth has expressed his opinion, an opinion that is certainly shared by many fans of the character who are not at all satisfied with Love and Thunder. Furthermore, regarding the innovation of the character, there are 5 powers that the Son of Odin has not yet shown in the MCUpowers that could certainly provide some rather notable and impactful innovations to tell a new story.

The first of all is the most characteristic of the God of Thunder of Norse mythology, control meteorological phenomena, this allows Thor to unleash tornadoes, earthquakes and chasms. Secondly we have mind control, it therefore seems that Scarlet Witch and Charles Xavier are not the only ones with this ability. Worthy of note is the Furia Berserkerthis power could be very interesting to see in Thor 5 if told in the right way.

The Berserker Fury, more than a power, can be defined as a bad disease, almost a curse. In the stories where the Thunderer is seen using it, he has become a murderous fury, an interplanetary threat, since in addition to significantly increasing the strength of those who use it, among the side effects there is the loss of clarity, is capable of eliminating the ability to reason, as well as causing severe migraines and brain damage. It seems like the right time to show off this power, as it seems to be perfectly in line with the storyline of Thor, who lost everyone he loved, and after Jane’s death it doesn’t seem at all unlikely that our Norse hero will lose his mind, as suggested also from Hemsworth.

Finally, also worth noting super-speedeven higher than that of Quicksilver, and teleportationwhich allows him to travel through the Nine Realms and beyond through the runic magicused in particular in a comic series in which it becomes Rune King Thor, and here the powers increase dramatically. We invite you to follow us on to stay updated on Thor 5 predictions and the character’s future in the MCU.

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