Chi si pre-registrerà a NBA All-World riceverà un’esclusiva sneaker Adidas come item thumbnail

Those who pre-register for NBA All-World will receive an exclusive Adidas sneaker as an item

Those who pre-register for NBA All-World will receive an exclusive Adidas sneaker as an item thumbnail

Waiting for the official release of NBA All-Worldthe new AR mobile basketball game developed by Niantic. The software house announced today that those who pre-register will receive an Adidas branded game item. This is a digital version of the sneakers Adidas DON 4 in the glowing version.

The footwear is well known to NBA basketball fans, as it is worn by Donovan Mitchellguard of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The in-game version will feature a luminescent effect. Below you can see the sneaker in question in a video published onofficial Twitter account of the game.

How to pre-register for NBA All-World

The item will be available to those who pre-register at the time of the game’s release. To pre-register, simply access the Google Play Store at this link.

Recall that NBA All-World is an augmented reality (AR) mobile game. In the video game, players will be able to challenge (and be challenged) by the stars of American NBA basketball. The most famous stars and stripes basketball champions will compete with users and allow them to progress by obtaining in-game items and power-up accessories. The challenges will also be possible between the same players, who will be able to play each other in a 1vs1 match. All with one goal: to become the undisputed kings of the basketball court.

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