Threads implementerà gli hashtag, un feed Scopri e altre funzionalità in stile Twitter thumbnail

Threads will implement hashtags, a Discover feed, and other Twitter-style features

When Instagram surprisingly launched Threads last week, users found themselves on their hands what could be Meta’s weapon for the ultimate destruction of Twitter. The new social network has been welcomed with enormous favours, despite the fact that the app is not currently available in Europe (but if you really want to, we’ll explain how to download it here). Despite it all Threads launched without some important featureswhich have brought Twitter to the status of textual social media par excellence, such as the hashtag.

With a series of posts right on Threads, the CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced that the company is actively working on the introduction of many of the most requested features by users (via BleepingComputer). These include hashtags, a feed for trending content, the edit button (which is paid on Twitter) and even a feature for automatic content archiving.

Hashtags, new feed and automatic archiving: all the news from Threads

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The hashtag

Just like on Twitter, hashtags on Threads will be clickable, allowing users to read various content on that particular topic. This is a feature that will also allow you to discover new accounts on the platform.

Automatic content archiving

Mosseri also hinted at a potential feature for automatically archiving replies in threads. “We’re thinking about automatically archiving everything after 30 days so people can be a little more open minded, what do you think?” he asked on his profile.

The Threads API

In a historical moment in which Twitter and Reddit are imposing significant costs for the use of the platforms’ APIs, Threads seems to want to sail against the tide. Indeed Mosseri has revealed his intention to make Threads compatible with ActivityPub, an open social networking protocol created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This move could open up new opportunities for interaction with third parties, making Threads interoperable with other applications that support ActivityPub (such as Mastodon and WordPress).

A new feed?

Currently Threads does not have a Discover tab (which is predominant on Instagram). Instead, the new app features a section called Search, which recommends accounts by interests. Among the upcoming news there could also be a feed dedicated to content, as well as profiles that may interest us the most.

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