Tickets for TwitchCon in Amsterdam are on sale

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The anticipated TwitchCon rally will take place in Amesterdam on July 16-17, 2022, with tickets officially on sale today.

TwitchCon 2022 tickets and schedule

To purchase the precious tickets, simply go to the appropriate section of the official website of the event, and choose between the day ticket and the one for both days. In the first case the cost will be 65 €, while the subscription will cost 108 €.

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Numerous streamers and web characters expected, among those announced we find:

There will also be events such as the cosplay contest, Rivals tournaments, Meet & Greet and conferences. There will also be the debut of the European Artist Alley as well as a musical live.

In addition, the organization has provided a series of accommodation recommendations for overnight stays in recommended hotels, which provide discounts and concessions. At this link you can consult the list and details to make reservations. In addition, the extensive FAQ section of the site is ready to extinguish any doubts.

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