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TikTok against deepfakes: new rules for using AI

TikTok announced new measures to counter the deepfakeor videos manipulated with artificial intelligence techniques, which can alter the appearance and voices of people. The social platform has introduced a new policy on “synthetic content” and media manipulation, which prohibits the use of content created or distributed with the intent to deceive or harm users or the company.

TikTok against deepfakes and other “synthetic content”

TikTok will remove content that violates these principles and may also suspend or block accounts responsible. Additionally, the social enterprise will require creators to label content that has been artificially modified or generated to inform viewers of their nature.


TikTok explained that these measures are aimed at protect the safety and integrity of its communityas well as to promote a culture of transparency e of authenticity. The platform also underscored its commitment to collaborating with external experts and partners to address the challenges posed by deepfakes and other forms of disinformation.

Deepfakes in recent years have known how to spread false news, influence public opinion, compromise people’s reputations or even threaten national security. Some famous examples of deepfakes are the ones they showed Barack Obama insulting Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg criticizing Facebook or Tom Cruise doing impossible stunts.

TikTok isn’t the only platform facing the deepfake problem. Also Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks have adopted guidelines to regulate the use of synthetic or manipulated content on their platforms. Even some nations are drafting laws and guidelines on the subject.

But the discussion cannot be held only at the regulatory level. Instead it becomes important educate users to be critical and aware when watching online videos. The only definitive solution to fake news.

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