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TikTok allows you to reset the algorithm and have a new feed For You

TikTok allows you to reset the algorithm and have a new feed For You thumbnail

TikTok revealed last month that it might be possible freshen up the Per T feedand, resetting what the algorithm had “learned” from users’ habits. The feature officially arrived today. In this article we will see how to use it.

We remind you that the For You feed is the one in which the social network recommends you videos of people you don’t follow. It is therefore a particularly popular section, as the recommended videos are based on your tastes and your previous interactions. Resetting the algorithm will be like starting over with a new profile: TikTok will learn your tastes from scratch, obviously taking into account how you relate to the various contents. Therefore, if you focus on videos of, for example, football, it is very likely that other content on football will appear in the For You feed. If, on the other hand, you are tired of football content, you can use the new feature to start over. In short it will be like in Man in Black: we will be able to flash the algorithm.

How to reset TikTok For You feed

To reset the feed, go to your profile, open Settings and privacy by TikTok and scroll down to the entry Content preferences. There you will find a new option called Update your For You feed. If this item doesn’t appear, don’t worry: TikTok releases new features in groups of users. In this case you will have to wait a few days.

Refreshing the feed does absolutely nothing with respect to followed users. The feature will simply reset the video recommendation algorithm.

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