TikTok and gaming: the company thinks of mini-games to play with followers

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TikTok is investing in the world of gamingstarting the tests of some mini-games to be played in live streaming with followers in Vietnam. THE games in HTML5 will be supported by advertising, a new way to ByteDanceparent company of TikTok, to invoice.

TikTok invests in gaming, off to the first tests with mini-games

The Reuters report on the new mini-games of TikTok has received a confirmation from the company. He explains that he is “always looking for ways to enrich our platform and regularly test new features and additions that bring value to our community”.

The tests started in Vietnam will in fact bring different ways to make the many users around the world spend (even) more time on TikTok.

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The company had already tested some mini-game opportunities, such as when it partnered with the Feeding America charity to create Garden of Good. A kind of Farmville that allowed people to donate to charity. And it has already announced a partnership with Zynga per Crazy Disc 3Dun endless runner.

From Facebook to Netflix, ‘lite’ gaming has proven to be able to convince many users to use the platform with more enthusiasm. But TikTok also wants to launch the platform Watchful, according to TechCrunch reports. Which should allow you to play with your followers during live streaming. Games should include a version of Pictionary and much more.

All these functions are not yet official, but only in development or testing. We will keep you posted.

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