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TikTok announces new content moderation tools

Still new from TikTok. The App has just announced new ones content moderation tools, in order to make the platform safer for the little ones. To these are added new hashtags for the “For you” and “Follow” sections. In this way, the social network hopes to limit the viewing of certain types of content by children and adolescents as much as possible.

TikTok: App adds new moderation tools for the safety of the little ones

The TikTok App once again addresses the delicate issue of the safety of the youngest users registered on the platform. Apparently, in the coming weeks he plans to launch a content control system called “Content Levels“. While adult content is banned, the app believes some videos may be about “mature or complex themes that may reflect personal experiences or real-world events aimed at an older audience.” Hence the idea of ​​creating the so-called levels of contentdesigned precisely to rank this particular category of videos on the basis of a maturity score of the topics covered. This way TikTok will prevent such content from being viewed by users of age between 13 and 17 years.

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Initially, it will be reported that the collaborators of the Trust and Safety team will assign this score to the most popular videos, or those reported by users. Then, in the near future, the creators themselves will be classifying their content. Beyond these tools, the TikTok App will launch soon new hashtags which will allow filter videos of the sections “For you” and “Follow”. An option that will allow not only to ensure the safety of younger users, but which will also allow you to prevent the algorithm from suggesting topics you are not interested in. As you can see below, this function will allow you to delete, for example, all the contents concerning ice cream. Or any other food. Or any other topic.

TikTok hashtag filtersCredits: TikTok

The new content moderation features follow a 2021 Congressional survey of how their algorithmic social recommendations could promote harmful content to younger users. And considering that the TikTok App doesn’t enjoy a good reputation, it’s no wonder it has decided to launch new tools for teen safety.

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