TikTok: eco-sustainability is at home on the millennial social network

L’ecosostenibilità è di casa su TikTok: ecco gli eco-trend del social dei millennials thumbnail

New research from Uswitch has revealed which are the best green and eco-friendly products trending on TikTok.

Eco-sustainability and TikTok: the Uswitch study

Research conducted by Uswitch analyzed hundreds of videos on TikTok with the hashtag #ecohack. The purpose? Find out what the eco-sustainability theme trend more followed. One example above all: a video on how to make homemade plastic eco-bricks, which he has accumulated 19 million views. In particular, in the video, the bricks are made by giving a second life to used plastic bottles, thus avoiding their dispersion in the environment (and in the oceans).

The second most viewed hack was a video proposing to create a plant fertilizer using banana peels. The third hack on the list, with 3.5 million views, teaches us how to grow loofah, a type of plant. The loofah can in fact be used as a sponge: a valid natural alternative to disposable commercial products.

Not just hacks though: the research also examined the products available on the market. The most popular on the social media are the menstrual cups, with over 861 million views. These are an eco-friendly alternative to regular disposable sanitary products, offering a much more sustainable solution.

In second place we find the natural deodorant, with 47.3 million views. On the lowest step of the podium, with only 32.1 million views, there is beeswax, useful for preserving food in place of the classic transparent film.

At this link it is possible to consult the complete ranking and the overall research report.

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