TikTok focuses on augmented reality

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TikTok also focuses on augmented reality. The application has, in fact, announced the arrival of the new augmented reality platform Effect Studio. This platform is currently in a private beta phase. For developers there will therefore be the possibility of exploiting new augmented reality tools to be integrated into TikTok. For users, however, it will be necessary to wait for the completion of the development and the official launch. In any case, this is a first and important step in view of important news for the popular social network.

TikTok focuses on augmented reality with Effect Studio

TikTok has announced the launch of the new platform Effect Studio (currently in private beta) designed to allow developers to create augmented reality tools to integrate into the social network. This is a first step towards the launch of new AR solutions to be made available to users of the social network.

This is just an experiment

Note that Effect Studio represents, for the moment, just a TikTok experiment. At the moment, in fact, there is no guarantee that the platform will be officially launched at the end of its development. The confirmation came directly from the words released by a TikTok spokesperson at TechCruch.

More details on the future of Effect Studio will certainly arrive in the coming weeks. The development program of the new TikTok platform will continue in this period giving the social network time to choose whether or not to carry out the new “experiment”.

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