TikTok sta per introdurre un nuovo feed dedicato alle discipline STEM thumbnail

TikTok is about to introduce a new feed dedicated to STEM disciplines

On the occasion of today’s Pi day, TikTok has decided to announce the launch of a new thematic feed entirely dedicated to the disciplines STEM. For the uninitiated STEM is the acronym of science, technology, engineering and mathematicsa maxi-container which therefore brings together all the technical-scientific disciplines.

The new feed will appear alongside the two already present (Following and For You) and will collect all the videos dedicated to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

When is TikTok’s new STEM feed coming?

The new feed will be introduced starting from the next few weeks in the United States, and we can therefore expect a launch soon in Italy as well. ByteDancethe Chinese company that owns TikTok, said the choice came after seeing the success of STEM-related hashtags.

“The STEM feed offers a space for co-learning, inspiration and enrichment,” TikTok wrote on its official blog.

TikTok also announced that it is expanding its partnerships with Common Sense Networks e Poynter, to offer high quality STEM content to its users. As part of the partnerships, Common Sense Networks will evaluate all content to ensure it is scientifically accurate for the STEM feed, while Poynter will evaluate the reliability of the information submitted. If the content fails both checkpoints, it will not be eligible to appear in the new feed.

With TikTok’s new topic feeds, the company likely hopes to reach a broader, more defined audience, such as science communicators. Not only that: it is very likely that ByteDance aims to win the favor of the European and American authorities, who are gradually banning the app.

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