TikTok is testing integration with in-app Google searches

TikTok testa l’integrazione con le ricerche Google thumbnail

By searching for certain content on the TikTokyou will be able to view the results of Google. Or at least this seems to be the meaning of the integration between the two giants revealed by an insider.

Is there a partnership in place between TikTok and Google?

Radu Oncescu discovered this new feature, which has not yet been confirmed by the two companies (via The Verge). Oncescu discovered that by carrying out searches on TikTok, the app showed links that redirect to the results of the popular search engine. In addition to this, there is also a message that reads: “TikTok does not approve or take responsibility for Google search results.”

As far as we know, this is a feature still in the testing phase, as confirmed by the fact that this feature is not yet public for all users.

Already last month, some insiders had noticed that TikTok secretly had Wikipedia snippets that link directly to the online encyclopedia site. Meanwhile, the ByteDance app was fined 345 million euros by European Privacy Supervisor for the processing of minors’ data, even if the fine comes from a dispute three years ago.

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