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TikTok is testing the ability to post full podcast episodes

TikTok is experimenting with an interesting novelty: podcast integration. This new feature will allow users to upload and share full podcast episodes through the RSS feed, opening the door to a possible revolution in the discovery and sharing of audio content. And challenging Spotify, YouTube and Apple.

TikTok, you can post full episodes of podcasts

Zachary Kizer, Global Product Communication Manager di TikTok, he confirmed that the platform is currently testing this feature with some US users. Despite his silence on further details, this initiative represents a bold step into the world of digital entertainment.

Creators can now upload entire podcast episodes directly to TikTok via an RSS feed and connect them to their shortest video clips. This synergy between video and audio will allow viewers to dive into the entire episode experience with just one click, without having to leave the TikTok app. First a “taste” video, then the entire episode.

tiktok music alternative spotify apple min

This new feature has a number of significant benefits for both parties involved. For TikTok, the introduction of podcasts within the platform could lead to higher user retention and an increase in engagement. This could translate into longer usage sessions and increased interaction with content.

On the other hand, podcast creators will benefit from a more direct and immediate access to a large audience of TikTok users. Combining short clips and full episodes will allow them to capture users’ attention and offer a taste of their wider content.

The solution seems very interesting, especially if you add the recent launch of TikTok Music. It seems that, after having revolutionized the world of short videos, TikTok is also focusing on the audio world.

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