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TikTok, new tools for subtitles and translations

TikTok introduces new tools for i subtitles not translations of the contents on the social network. For the platform they are a way to broaden the horizons of users and always tell new contents, from all over the world. By creating an inclusive environment and helping to connect with others.

TikTok, new tools for subtitles and translations

In 2021 TikTok introduced automatic subtitles to ensure that all creators could easily transcribe the speech of their videos, generating subtitles to make their thinking accessible to anyone.

Continuing on this path, today TikTok presents new tools that want to break down language barriers and make everyone talk on the platform. News concerning several languages, including English, Portuguese, German, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish and Turkish. But with more coming soon.

I automatic subtitles allow you to have another option to add transcripts under the videos: if the creators do not want or cannot add them, there is the artificial intelligence that comes against us.

Also comes the possibility of seeing the t’sradulations of subtitles and video descriptions, to take the content you create beyond the horizons of your country and your language. And there is also a new tool that allows you to translate stickers in videos as well, so you don’t miss jokes and references.

These solutions are currently in the early stages of introductions and are only available for some videos and some languages. But TikTok he explains that in the coming months he intends to expand the audience, to continue to break down barriers.

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