TikTok Now, so the social network becomes the BeReal clone

TikTok Now, così il social diventa il clone di BeReal thumbnail

It’s BeReal mania. Me too’App on TikTok, in fact, it has succumbed to the charm of the French social network, completely absorbing its functions. Here comes “TikTok Now“, The new function with which the Chinese platform beats Snapchat and Instagram, both working on the option of simultaneous use of the front and rear cameras.

TikTok Now, the new function that “copies” BeReal

“TikTok Now invites you and your friends to capture what you are doing at that moment using the front and rear camera of the device – so reads the official blog of the platform -. You will receive a daily request to capture a 10 second video or still photo to easily share what you are doing “. Operation in all respects similar to that of BeReal. Even on TikTok, in fact, you will receive a notification that – among the emoji of lightning bolts – signals that it is “Time to Now“, Which is time to share your daily content.

Credits: TikTok

For the moment, according to reports from TikTok, the option is available for US users. But, apparently, in some countries there would be the possibility to download TikTok Now as a stand-alone application. An interesting detail, which makes us imagine that the option may soon become available globally. Beyond that, it is interesting to note how well the feature is well thought out for ensure the privacy of users. User localization, for example, does not appear to be part of the option interface. And to this there are also some integrated privacy features.

If someone under the age of 16 signs up for the standalone TikTok Now App, for example, their account will be set as private by default. In addition, users will have to have mandatory more than 18 years old to share BeReal-style content in the “Explore” section. For users aged 13 to 15, in fact, only friends and people who follow will be able to interact with the shared content. In fact, the same goes for those over 18, as TikTok will only allow friends to view posts by default, although they can change it to their liking. In short, TikTok Now seems to have the best features of BeReal, plus some useful details for privacy. Why not, then?