Lil Nas X is the president of League of Legends

Lil Nas X sarà il presidente di League of Legends thumbnail

Starting with the 2022 League of Legends World Cup (“Worlds”), Lil Nas X will fill the role of president of League of Legends (“League”), one of the most popular competitive games on the planet. The announcement comes from Riot Games, developer of the famous video game, who announced that the multifaceted musical artist will be “responsible for creating explosive musical moments, an ingenious League skin and a spectacular live performance during the World Cup”. A performance that, given the above 180 million players and fans that monthly populate the League universe, promises to be epic.

Here are the words of the rapper, although defining him as such, given his musical transversality, is somewhat limiting:

“I felt it was time to try something new. I’ve made my mark on pop culture in so many ways. Now is the time to take on the world of gaming. I will be the greatest League of Legends president of all time. Also, I will create the best World Cup anthem ever and organize the biggest, coolest and sexiest World Cup in World Cup history! “

Lil Nas X has indeed made the anthem of the next World Cup, a song called STAR WALKIN ‘. The song will be released on September 23six days before the start of the competition which kicks off on the 29th. The event will conclude with the world final at the Chase Center in San Francisco on Saturday 5th November.

League of Legends: A skin designed with Lil Nas X

Riot Games also announced that the artist has collaborated on the creation of a skin called Prestige Empyrean K’Sante. This will be available from November 3rd, for a limited time, until November 14th. The in-game skin will not be available for purchasebut can be obtained by playing League of Legends or Teamfight Tactics during the Worlds 2022 in-game event.

“Lil Nas X is the most electrifying name in the contemporary pop music scene. When he knocked on our door and told us he wanted to become League president we immediately accepted, ”he said Naz Aletaha, Global Head of League Esports di Riot Games.