TikTok relaunches the “questions and answers” function

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Earlier this year the TikTok App introduced a new one function of Questions and answers to allow users to interact with creators. An option reminiscent of the question box on Instagram. After a few months, the functionality disappeared from the platform, but has now been relaunched with the addition of new details. Among these is also the possibility of to invite users to respond to the questions. But this is not the only novelty. Let’s go and see what else we can expect.

TikTok: App adds “questions and answers” ​​option and tags in videos

As anticipated, the TikTok App has restored the question and answer function, allowing users to choose whether to make them visible on their profile and also to decide who can invite them to answer questions. More specifically, the platform offers the possibility to choose whether to limit the questions and answers to followers and friends following you or make them visible to everyone. By deactivating the function, therefore, questions and answers will no longer appear on your profile.

But that is not all. The application is also developing the “Ask TikTok“, Which is nothing more than an open community to which you can ask questions of any kind. Basically, users will be able to access a screen where questions asked by others appear, complete with answers provided by the community. In addition to the new relaunched function, the TikTok App finally offers the possibility of tag other users in videos shared on their own accounts. An expected option, which makes everyone who visit the platform happy. We included.

In short, in recent months the application has really added quite a few options reserved for users and creators. Probably, he is trying to involve his audience as much as possible, limiting an escape to other platforms. Although we are not really convinced that TikTok needs it, being one of the most popular social networks of the moment. But prevention is a good solution to ensure success, yes.

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