TikTok says goodbye to passwords: iPhone users will be able to log in with Passkey

TikTok dice addio alle password: gli utenti da iPhone potranno accedere con Passkey thumbnail

Account protection has always been synonymous with passwords, but new technologies have been changing the cards on the table for some time now. Even a social giant like TikTok is taking a post-password directiond, communicating that in the near future access to the platform will take place via Apple Passkey.

For the uninitiated, Apple Passkey is a biometric digital authentication method that allows access to various services through Face ID or Touch ID (instead of entering the classic password). For more information on how the technology works, please refer to our dedicated article.

TikTok Announcement: “We’re Introducing Passkey for iOS Users”

TikTok users who own an iPhone will soon be able to access their account through Passkey. Here’s how the Chinese social media announced the news:

“We are happy to announce that TikTok is introducing passkeys for iOS devices – a faster, easier and more secure way for people to log into their TikTok accounts on their devices using Face ID or Touch ID“

But that’s not all: TikTok has also announced its adhesion to the FIDO Alliance. The latter is an industry association that promotes the use of authentication solutions unrelated to canonical passwords. It also includes Apple and Google, both of which have launched Passkey solutions.

At the moment it is not clear when the integration with TikTok will arrive in Italy, nor if in the future it will also be available on Android devices. As far as we know, the Chinese social network will integrate Apple Passkey only on iOS as early as this month, but only for some selected markets (Asia, Africa, Australia and South America).

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