TikTok tests Live Studio: a software dedicated to streaming

TikTok testa Live Studio: un software dedicato allo streaming thumbnail

TikTok is testing a new streaming software called TikTok Live Studio, which allows users to stream live video from games and other desktop applications. The software is currently being tested with a small number of users in some Western markets, according to TikTok, but its official page on the site has mysteriously disappeared.

TikTok is testing Live Studio

If released, TikTok Live Studio could mark an interesting change to TikTok’s live streaming strategy: instead of focusing on users in streaming directly from mobile devices, could expand the social network’s offering to include game streaming, putting TikTok in direct competition with the likes of Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming.

According to Zach Bussey, who shared the TikTok Live Studio screenshots on Twitter, the software it is currently in a rather primitive state: it supports both horizontal and vertical streaming and can record material from games, individual programs, mobile devices and cameras, but the whole interface is still very raw and not very usable.

Previously it was possible to live stream from a desktop device to TikTok using third party software such as Streamlabs, but apparently access to these software has now been limited. Many users have found themselves using OBS, but lately even the latter has been made inaccessible for most users, an unequivocal sign that something is actually boiling in the pot.

It is not yet clear when TikTok intends to publish the Live Studio function, but if it goes viral we will be able to witness a scenario that is nothing short of unexpected as regards streaming, especially as regards the competition and in particular Twitch.

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