TikTok tests the history of previously viewed videos

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TikTok is reportedly testing a new “View history“, So as to allow users to easily find a video they have already seen but would like to review. The option was first seen by the Twitter user Hammod Ohand then shared by the expert Matt Navarra. It therefore seems official: the App could introduce the new function soon, thus making our life easier.

TikTok: The “View History” is being tested

These days Hammod Oh has shared on Twitter a screen that shows the new “View History” feature of TikTok. Apparently, this would be accessible via the App settings and the privacy menu, provided this has been implemented on your smartphone. In short, a useful and long-awaited function, there is nothing else to say. At the moment, the App seems to test it only on selected groups of users, and in specific countries. Among these, however, it would not seem to appear in Australia. In any case, TikTok has not provided any comment on this matter. Indeed, she merely said that the platform “always thinks of new ways to bring value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience“.

That said, it is clear that TikTok’s “View History” will be an extremely useful addition to improving the user experience. So far, anyone who wants to review a video they liked must use the search function of the App, activating a filter that brings out only the videos viewed in the last 7 days. A not exactly practical solution, let’s face it. The introduction of the chronology, therefore, will relieve us of many difficulties of use. In the meantime, while waiting for the new option you can try the bookmarking function, so as to proactively save videos for future review. Seeing is believing!