TikTok tests the new “Nearby” Feed

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The TikTok App does not seem to be satisfied with the novelties proposed so far. Recently, in fact, the platform has begun to test the new one Feed “Nearby”designed to show users local content. According to a spokesperson, the option is currently being tested on a select group of users in Southeast Asia. These lucky few, for now, see TikTok’s “Nearby” Feed alongside the “Following” and “For You” Feeds in the App Home. Let’s go and see what it is about in more detail.

Nearby, TikTok tests a local content feed

“We are always thinking of new ways to bring value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience.” Thus a spokesperson for the platform commented on the test of the new “Nearby” Feed, which allows users to view the “nearby” content. First reported by expert Matt Navarra, the Feed is being tested along with a feature that gives creators the ability to add location tags to videos. An option undoubtedly related to the ability to view local content within the new Feed.

Whereas TikTok is mostly known for its recommendation algorithm content – which strongly distinguishes it from other platforms -, it is clear that the new “Nearby” Feed would allow it to show to its users even more personalized content and relevant. And not only. This change would allow the Chinese App to catch up with one of Snapchat’s most popular features, the Snap Map. In addition to the recent map launched by Instagram to facilitate the discovery of popular places in the vicinity of users.

In this sense, TikTok’s “Nearby” Feed would offer a similar experience, but associated with the App’s already successful recommendation algorithm. This means that in this section, users will be able to view the local content they really want to see. For example, if the “For You” Feed often suggests restaurants and places to go out, “Nearby” will suggest all the addresses that are near you. If so, the Feed would have major potential to impact platforms such as TripAdvisor e Google. And that’s not all. This new option of TikTok might also new opportunities for local advertisers. In fact, adding ads to the Feed could offer small brands and companies the ability to reach users who might not otherwise know them.

In any case, let us remember that it is only a test. This means that TikTok’s “Nearby” Feed may change before it is officially launched, or it may never even become available. After all, at the moment the platform is also testing a Feed “Shop”which allows users to buy products from different categories, such as clothing and electronics. An option that the App is currently testing in Indonesia. Even in this case, however, we do not know if TikTok will ever make it really available. Maybe.