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TikTok works with Oracle to manage user privacy in the US

Kyiv, Ukraine – October 1, 2019: Studio shot of hand holding Apple iPhone 8 with TikTok logotype on a screen. Isolated on a vibrant cyan paper background.

ByteDance, the company behind TikTok, is working with Oracle to manage US user data. This is a project necessary to ensure the functioning of the social network in the United States after the threats (and attempts) of the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, to ban the application due to alleged problems related to the privacy and security of American citizens.

TikTok data is on Oracle Cloud servers

For USA user traffic management, TikTok uses the Oracle Cloud cloud infrastructure. This infrastructure is supported by TikTok’s American and Singapore data centers, which however confirmed its intention to switch completely to Oracle’s cloud server solutions in the United States. The company also added that it is working on the development of advanced protocols for data management which Oracle will then verify to maximize security. TikTok has confirmed that they have been working with Oracle for some time.

Objective: to avoid new ban threats

The works have been going on for more than a year with the aim of guaranteeing maximum security in the management of the data of the American data servers. The social network has no intention of risking new bans in the US (a market too big to be abandoned). To avoid problems, therefore, the transition to data management on Oracle Cloud servers may represent the right choice for a peaceful future in the USA.

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