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TIM 3G switch off: how to check the expected date for each municipality

TIM has launched the 3G switch off program. In fact, over the next few months, the operator will begin to progressively deactivate its 3G network to use network resources to upgrade 4G connectivity and the new 5G mobile network. TIM customers (as well as customers of virtual operators who use the TIM network) can check when the switch off of the 3G TIM network is expected in your municipality. Here’s how to do it.

How to check when TIM’s 3G switch will be off

In view of the start of the switch off del 3G, which will come alive in the coming weeks, TIM has made available a tool online on its official website which allows users to check when 3G is expected to be turned off in their municipality. Just access the portal section and select the region of interest. At this point it will be possible to download a PDF file with the list of municipalities in the region and an indication of the month of shutdown.

What will happen to the operator’s network?

The switch off of 3G is an operation already started by Vodafone for some time. TIM will also follow this procedure. The 3G network will no longer be available to users and Internet access will be via 4G and 5G (networks that will be enhanced by the 3G switch off) or via 2G for basic operations.

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