TIM brings Jovanotti into the metaverse with the Jovaverso

TIM brings Jovanotti into the metaverse with the Jovaverso

Rome, Italy – October 16, 2016. The Italian singer Jovanotti with his fans on the red carpet of the 11th International Film Festival of Rome. Jovanotti standing among the fans rejoices raising his arms to the sky, as a sign of victory

TIM is the Main Technical Sponsor of the Jova Beach Party 2022 and, for the occasion, announced the birth of the Jovaverso. The project will bring Jovanotti to the metaverse for the first time with the aim of offering users a unique and unforgettable experience. Here are the details of the event that will make the Jova Beach Party even more technological:

Jovaverso is born: from the stage of the Jova Beach Party to the artist’s dressing room with the new project by TIM

The new Jovaverso it’s a virtual and interactive environment accessible using an Oculus viewer and which will allow fans of the Jova Beach Party 2022, of which TIM is a sponsor, to enjoy a unique multimedia experience. This is a new initiative created by TIM within the proprietary platform of eXtended Reality.

It should also be noted that the Jovaverso will also be available in the TIM area in all the stages of the Jova Beach Party 2022. Starting from next 7 July, the Jovaverso will also be accessible in the TIM stores in Rome, in Piazza Colonna / Via del Corso, and Milan, in Piazza Gae Aulenti. We remind you that the Jova Beach Party will be divided into 21 stages that will be able to count on the support of TIM, Main Technical Sponsor of the event.

There is also the TimMusic Shock promotion

On the occasion of the event it is possible to access the promotion TimMusic Shock which offers access to the platform for 3 months (then 4.99 euros per month) and for TIM customers it also provides 5 Giga of traffic included.

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