Tim Cook is still skeptical of the metaverse

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Apple’s CEO Tim Cook subtraction skeptical on metaverso, explaining that many people still don’t know how to define it. And therefore he sees it unlikely that in the near future they will decide to ‘live there’ and frequent him assiduously.

Tim Cook remains skeptical of the metaverse

“I always think it’s important that the people understand what something is. And I’m not too sure the average person can tell you what the metaverse is, ”comments Cook in the Dutch publication Bright.

Apple is investing in the development of AR and VR headsets, which in all likelihood it could announce as early as next year. But if the videogame and work applications are already there, enough to convince the Apple to build a viewer, the metaverse remains a concept too far away for the CEO of Apple.

Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, thinks instead that it is not so. This year he explained to employees that he was in one “Very deep and ideological competition” with Apple on the metaverse. Because he thinks that Apple wants a ‘private’ metaverse in the Apple ecosystem, while Meta wants to expand to other companies.

However, Cook’s approach looks different. In fact, Cook told Bright that VR is an interesting world to explore, but that he doesn’t think it’s beneficial for long periods of time. And that’s not it “A good way to communicate”.

But Cook isn’t the only CEO of big tech companies who doesn’t want to talk about the metaverse. Evan Spiegel from Snap said the term is “rather ambiguous and hypothetical,” while Snapchat’s AR filters and AR glasses are meant for specific purposes. And David Limp Amazon thinks there is still no “common definition” of what the metaverse is.

However, all of these companies are investing heavily in AR and VR technologies. So it seems that the gap is when these technologies will change the way people communicate and relate. If everyone thinks that we will play in VR and try on clothes with ARmany CEOs doubt this will revolutionize the entire web.