TIM sperimenta la fibra FTTH fino a 25 Gbps thumbnail

TIM experiments with FTTH fiber up to 25 Gbps

TIM experiments with FTTH fiber up to 25 Gbps thumbnail

TIM continues to lead the development of next generation networks and services. The operator started an important experimental program for the development of the FTTH fiber optic network (Fiber to the Home). The operator, after starting the experimentation of fiber up to 10 Gigabits per second, is preparing for another technological leap for ultra-broadband. In the TIM Laboratories of Turin, in collaboration with Nokia and using OLT equipment already used in the active plants, the experimentation of the fibra fino a 25 Gbps in download.

TIM experiments with the FTTH optical fiber of the future

During the TIM tests, mixed technologies were used simultaneously GPON, XGS-PON e 25GS-PON. The operator announced that it has obtained positive indications on the transmission bandwidth capacity of the 25GS-PON system and on the coexistence on the same optical fiber with other technologies such as PON (with capacity up to 2.5Gbps in download) and XGS-PON (with capacity up to at 10Gbps). This new fiber will guarantee a significant upgrade in network performance.

The new technology multiplies the connection speed

The new fiber solution tested by TIM multiplies the capacity of the current FTTH network by 10 times in download and the FTTH XGS-PON by 2.5 times. In the future, this new technology will become an absolute reference for companies, industrial districts and the Public Administration. The expansion of the network will make it possible to fully satisfy the constantly growing demand for connectivity in the country. Certainly, TIM will provide further updates on the development of new solutions in the near future.

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