TIM: the path for more efficient telephone exchanges starts from Turin

TIM: parte da Torino il processo di efficientamento delle centrali telefoniche in Italia thumbnail

TIM announced thestart of the process of increasing the efficiency and rationalization of telephone exchanges. The project starts from Turin and from the Corso Bramante power plant, one of the largest in Italy with its 5 thousand square meters. The plant in question, which managed thousands of voice and data connections, was decommissioned to make way for a new project. Here are the details:

TIM launches from Turin the process of improving the efficiency of telephone exchanges in Italy

The Corso Bramante site in Turin was decommissioned by TIM that he made a new facility of only 850 square meters. The structure in question is able to guarantee the stars of service levels with spaces up to six times lower. The change of structure allows to obtain significant benefits as regards the environmental impact. The operation was carried out thanks to the progressive transition from copper to fiber, a solution that allows you to maximize the space dedicated to telecommunication systems.

Maximum efficiency for the future

The disposal project of Corso Bramante in Turin was built in 24 months by TIM. This project led to the restitution of the entire building complex, equal to approximately 54 thousand square meters. The spaces previously used as offices have been transferred to other company structures. The rationalization project of the power plant areas will affect other important areas in Italy, in particular in the larger cities.

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