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TIM’s Jovaverse awarded at the Interactive Key Award

TIM, Main Sponsor del Jova Beach Party 2022Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini’s tour on Italian beaches, won the 24° Interactive Key Award nella categoria Tech & ICT thanks to the project Jovaverse.

As you can guess from the name, and as Jova’s fans know well, it is a virtual and immersive environment that was the setting for the Jova Beach Party 2022. An alternative world that involved the artist’s fans in a multimedia experience unique.

The metaverse was made in collaboration with Live Reply within its own platform eXtended Reality which was made available in the TIM area in all the summer stages of the Jova Beach Party 2022.

TIM brings Jovanotti fans into the Jovaverse

Through the Oculus viewer, fans were able to participate in the Jova Beach Party by creating own avatar on a special island. Here they were able to listen to their favorite song by Jovanotti, wear one of his iconic hats, plant a flower with their name on it.

Users were also able to admire a tree decorated with the artist’s song lyrics and enter the a reproduction of Jovanotti’s real dressing room at the Jova Beach Party. Here they met their favorite singer and took him on stage with him for a magical 360-degree experience. Finally, they received a photo with the Jovaverse avatar, as a digital memento of their participation in the Tour.


The Jury of the Interactive Key Award recognized “the originality of the creative idea, the innovative use of digital media and the strong involvement of the user”. The Jovaverso project has demonstrated how virtual reality can be an effective tool for creating connections between artists and their audiences. An important acknowledgment for TIM, which confirms itself as a cutting-edge company in the technology and communications sector.

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