Tinder, even more authentic matches with the new features of the app

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Tinder, the world’s most popular app for meeting new people, is excited to announce the global launch of a new set of profile and discovery features, designed to better reflect how the next generation of daters connect and to have even more authentic matches. The recent Future of Dating Report of Tinder, in fact, highlighted that young singles want to revisit the ways in which they meet online. 69% of Gen Z users agree that dating standards need to be revamped to adapt to a more modern and diverse society, and that they are the right generation to do so.

Tinder Introduces New Suite of Features for even more authentic matches

Here are some new features introduced by Tinder for more authentic matches.

Tinder, profile ideas for a more inspired match

It’s quite difficult to start a conversation from scratch, especially if your interlocutors don’t know much about the person they’re talking to. This feature allows users to express their quirks and show all sides of them, from witty humor to deep conversations. By selecting and responding to suggestions, it is possible start engaging conversations that go deeper than a simple “Like” or “Nope”. The three most popular suggestions worldwide are: “To win me over you have to…”, “The first thing on my bucket list is” and “Two truths and a lie”.

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Profile Quiz

Discover the potential of compatibility with possible partners thanks to a fun and enlightening quiz about you. At the end it is possible to do the first thing on my wish list… share the answers to the quiz on your profile, offering your interlocutors a further insight into your preferences and interests.

More information in the profile

Minimize the guesswork by sharing crucial information about yourself—from your pets to your drinking habits, your star sign to your love language. Sharing of “Languages ​​I know”, “Lifestyle”, “Type of relationship” and many others, it makes it easier and more fun to talk about yourself and get to know your potential partners better.

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