Tineco Floor One S7 Pro: the new top-of-the-range smart scrubber

Tineco Floor One S7 Pro: la nuova lavapavimenti smart top di gamma thumbnail

FLOOR ONE S7 Prothe new top-of-the-range model from smart scrubber is signed Tinecowhich guarantees the cleaning of the most difficult surfaces in the most efficient way possible.

Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 Pro

Tineco, a company that produces smart and quality electronic products for the home, has announced the new smart FLOOR ONE S7 PRO model, capable of vacuum and wash at the same time and remove both encrusted dirt and more superficial dirt.

Thanks to one rotation speed of 450 rpm and a continuous flow and recycling of clean water, the bristles of the floor cleaner minimize the dispersion of dirty water on the surfaces and on the bristles themselves.

This spin drying process is also used during self-cleaning, which helps prevent the formation and spread of mold and bacteria.

The 4 cleaning modes of the Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 Pro

There are 4 cleaning modes on the new smart scrubber dryer. Autowhich adjusts the power automatically. Maxwhich uses maximum power and water flow for the most stubborn dirt. Aspirationwhich also allows you to clean and dry liquids from the floor, e Ultrawhich electrolyses tap water, guaranteeing deep cleaning of even the most encrusted stains.

Finally, the LC display gives 3.6 pollici allows users to have full control over the cleaning process.

Battery power and cost

tineco scrubber

The top-of-the-range smart scrubber guarantees a cleaning duration of 40 minutes, thanks to the size of the water tanks that do not require refilling for the entire session and also thanks to an improvement in the Tineco iLoop Smart Sensor. The minimal charging base allows the device to clean and recharge itself and is also the ideal solution for small-sized homes.

It is now available in Italy from the next few weeks at a price of 799 euros.

Tineco, what is it

Founded in 1998, Tineco is dedicated to designing quality, useful, user-friendly and smart home electronic products. With over two decades of experience in the home cleaning industry, Tineco never stops innovating and is always ready to find smart solutions for everyone.

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