Tineco Floor One S7 Steam, the new wireless steam floor cleaner

Tineco Floor One S7 Steam, la nuova lavapavimenti a vapore wireless thumbnail

Tinecomanufacturer of smart appliances, presents FLOOR ONE S7 Steam. This is the brand’s new steam and cordless floor cleaner. The new floor cleaner is the 3-in-1 capable of satisfying the needs of all types of customers: vacuum, wash and use steam to remove stains more stubborn.

Tineco Floor One S7 Steam, the power of the steam

Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 Steam uses technology HyperSteam to eliminate any type of stain, from the simplest to remove to the most stubborn ones. Thanks to 140° C that it is able to reach, the dirt is dissolved and subsequently cleaned by water and the Tineco roller. Furthermore, it has two different steam cleaning features (Steam and Boost Steam) and effectively eliminates the 99.9% of bacteria present on the surfaces of the house.

Tineco Floor One S7 Steam, technological features

The new floor cleaner uses the brand’s already well-known technologies, such as the iLoop sensor, which adapts the power based on the type and quantity of dirt on the floor. But also MHCBS technology, can effectively recycle dirty water. Thanks to the roller rotation speed of 450 rpm, combined with the scraper present near the roller itself, the MHCBS technology ensures that no dirt residues are left behind. It is important to underline the fact that, like all Tineco devices, this one also uses a voice assistant able to communicate with the user throughout the cleaning duration.

Autonomy and practicality

The floor cleaner boasts an autonomy of 40 minutes (in Auto and Vacuum modes) and 20 minutes (for Steam and Steam Boost modes). The new batteries with pouch cells guarantee greater durability and safety. Unlike traditional batteries, these offer three times the life of the cleaning device, setting a new industry standard.

The pouch cell guarantees constant and reliable performance, keeping temperatures low. The floor cleaner, thanks to enhanced edge cleaningreaches any surface of the house, avoiding letting dirt settle in the most insidious corners.

Price and availability

The new Steam floor cleaner is available from 31 October on the official Tineco website and on Amazon at the recommended price of 699 euro.

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