Titan Quest review: Eternal Embers, the new expansion of a great classic

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Returned from the past, Titan Quest: Eternal Embers is the third expansion of the historic Diablo-style title, here is our review

It seems incredible how a title born in 2006 as a Diablo emulator is even more alive than ever, this is the case with Titan Quest which in recent years has given birth to several full-bodied expansions when it was now thought that he had entered the world of retrogames. In this review we will tell you about Titan Quest: Eternal Embers, the third expansion of the title originally developed by THQ Nordic, and now made instead by a new team called Digital Arrow for PC. The new expansion will take us this time to the East, after the two previous expansions dedicated to Norse mythology and Atlantis. On this occasion we will find ourselves having to deal with various stories of the Chinese mythology and not only that, since, without revealing anything else, we will also return to Egypt.

A trip to the East

During the test for the review of Titan Quest: Eternal Embers, we were able to immediately create a brand new character that can start directly from level 70. The expansion would actually be played after the main story and the other previous expansions, and in fact the only difficulty level available will be that Legendary, which is actually a bit traumatic to digest if you start straight from this set. On the other hand Eternal Embers is an expansion and therefore especially intended for those who already know Titan Quest and just wants new content.

These will be there and will be very abundant. The expansion will consist of 4 main chapters that take us to a mythological China where we will have to do, with the classic dragons, terracotta warriors (also evocable from their side) and legendary figures such as the mythical Jade Emperor. There will also be some twists that will make us return to Ancient Egypt, but in general, the story will be quite simple as in the original game and in the previous expansions where in the end the main purpose is to defeat increasingly strong opponents between mythical monsters and various deities. Despite the expansive nature of Eternal Embers, the longevity it will be quite discreet as it will take you to complete everything about twenty hours.

Always varied gameplay – Titan Quest: Eternal Embers review

Despite a gameplay which remains faithful to the formula from Diablolike, Titan Quest: Eternal Embers manages to insert some interesting news. The most important is the insertion of a new class: the Neidan, halfway between the sorcerer and the alchemist, who uses potions and ancient spells to fight. This is the eleventh class introduced in the game, and those who have already played the title know that it will then be possible merge the various classes to create a custom hybrid. The Neidan works very well and manages to create quite strong and lethal combinations if merged with the other classes present, giving life to fusions typical of the oriental imaginary like the Monk, the Spiritualist, the Wu or the Daoist.

They will not fail then new sets of weapons and equipment inspired by the oriental fantasy / medieval style with which to embellish your character so as to make it more in line with the new setting. Still on an oriental theme, i new monstersabout thirty additions between normal enemies and bosses, inspired by Chinese legends, between dragons and creatures similar to flying lions etc. The variety in combat is great and the gameplay is always interesting if you like the classic style “there devil”That, aside from the new classes included in the expansions, in Titan Quest hasn’t changed one iota since its debut in 2006.

Titan Quest review: Eternal Embers, the new expansion of a great classic

Uncharted Lands – Titan Quest: Eternal Embers review

The new expansion will feature a very large open map, perhaps even too large for what it has to offer. Moving around the various areas can be tedious, since in addition to facing hordes of enemies there will not be much else to do, and the indications on the next goal to reach they will not always be crystal clear. Mainly we will have to move to an open world full of enemies and find the next one dungeon to deal with which, unfortunately, will be very similar to all the others in the game.

Exploration is the least successful part of this expansion, and also the addition of the areas dedicated to ancient Egypt, for a change of atmosphere at a certain point in history, will not revive a really boring exploration phase. essentially the actions to be taken to continue the adventure they will be repetitive, so much so that even combat will suffer from this lack of variety. Even the quests, both main and secondary, will not differ too much from go to a given place and kill tot monsters or other formulas already seen and reviewed.

Titan Quest review: Eternal Embers, the new expansion of a great classic

15 years and not hear them – Titan Quest: Eternal Embers review

While Titan Quest: Eternal Embers is an expansion to a title from over fifteen years ago, we’ve noticed some graphic improvements which make it still worth playing. Let’s be clear: some elements, such as the animations and the effects of some attacks and spells, are clearly outdated, but overall the title enjoys a art design that manages to make the player feel fully in the oriental atmosphere of this new expansion. The improvements, however, are especially in the textures, and despite the old age it feels, this is mitigated by an overall glance that makes the title still pleasing to the eye.

Of course, after 15 years it would be nice to be able to see maybe a sequel or at least a graphic remake of the title to keep it up to date, but fans of diablolike and the original Titan Quest will surely feel comfortable even with the current form of the title. . Among the general improvements we point out now controller support and much improved game stability compared to the past. Eternal Embers also features an oriental-style soundtrack without praise and without infamy that will keep you company for much of the adventure.

Titan Quest review: Eternal Embers, the new expansion of a great classic

In conclusion

Coming to the end of this Titan Quest: Eternal Embers review we can tell you that it is undoubtedly a title designed for fans of the original chapter, who are still thirsty for new content. If you miss a Diablo-style title you can buy the whole package and enjoy over a hundred hours with a main story still interesting today despite its 15 years, and well 3 new expansions more modern that manage to greatly expand the already powerful contents present in the original title.

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The third expansion of a diablolike classic

Points in favor

  • A long-lived expansion with lots of new content
  • The new class present greatly increases the variety of gameplay
  • Various technical improvements …

Points against

  • Repetitive and boring exploration
  • The ability to play the expansion only on Legendary difficulty level makes you turn up your nose
  • … but there is a need for a general graphic renewal