Top 10: Best Video Game Easter Eggs for Easter

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We’ve rounded up the 10 best easter eggs to wish you an Easter worthy of the name: here’s how we compiled our top

If you are here, first of all happy Easter to you and family: for the occasion, we have drawn up one top 10 dedicated to the best easter egg of the gaming world. We will try to be brief as we have been during the past Holidays, without denying ourselves that we will find any surprises you were not aware of. Precisely for this reason, however, we will assume that you have already played most of the titles present here. It goes without saying that this is a ‘spoiler alert full blown, of course! Now that you’ve been warned, put down the chocolate egg for a moment and get ready to have a feast… a little different than usual.

Bua a Palate, with Super Cain & Abel Bros.

Let’s start with one of the most abstruse easter eggs of our top 10. Every occasion is good to mourn the death of a series, and that of it was a continuous succession of strokes of genius. Leaving aside the choice of leaving the music to the divine Yoko Shimomura, before the bankruptcy of Alphadream, the five chapters of the saga made a splash in our hearts for having sprung character from every pore. The first, in particular, allowed Mario to obtain infinite coins at the expense of an equivalent number of his brother’s health points. In Superstar Saga it was in fact possible to make Mario smaller with a hammer blow… making him small enough to intercept Luigi’s jumps in a painful way.

Top 10: Best Video Game Easter Eggs for Easter

Waves that disturb the Force – the top 10 videogame easter eggs

We started without putting too much pressure on the accelerator, but now our top 10 makes a stop among contemporary Easter eggs. If you remember our recent review of , you should remember its amount of textbook content. And if we’ve praised the game’s dubbing, we have to acknowledge that talent isn’t lacking even among the original voices. For example, one of the NPCs is voiced by Adam Howden, who left a “I’m really feeling it” worthy of a party at a party. Shulk… the protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles voiced by him.

Cheers for the music vibes – top 10 gaming easter eggs

No, we are not alluding to the band Le Vibrazioni, although we are happy to greet the members if they are reading these lines. Rather, we are referring to the last secret level (of the main adventure) of Kirby Star Allies. At the end of the Extra δ piano (delta), in fact, the end of the level awaits us inside a colossal Game Boy formed by meteorites. The last section of gameplay is none other than Green Greens (“the green flowerbed”, according to Smash), or the first level from Kirby’s Dream Land, complete with a green filter. But the real gem is the use of HD vibration of controllers as a grand finale: each shake corresponds to a different musical note of the theme!

Top 10: Best Video Game Easter Eggs for Easter

Assyrians and Babylonians move, we’ll give you the code – the top 10 videogame easter eggs

Let’s assume, for a moment, all the controllers use the layout of the good old Big N, okay? Specifically, the keys: A and B, or B and A if you prefer the extravagant Xbox alternative. In any case, if we now imagine a world in which Konami creates all the existing video games, we would also know how to find at least one surprise in each of them. Tell us if you’ve already heard it somewhere: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, and finally START. This trick and easter egg fountain is the Konami codefamous to the point of being even mentioned in animated films (below, Wreck-It Ralph).

Top 10: Best Video Game Easter Eggs for Easter

Which game always pops up in this editor’s charts, I wonder – the top 10 videogame easter eggs

A real obsession of the writer is placed sixth. Well yes, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate find a way to make an appearance here too, as a sign of the painstaking care placed by Masahiro Sakurai in the game. The directional cross allows all the characters to make a provocation on the spot, but in some cases it is possible to get more out of it. If you play as Fox and Falco in Corneria, with Fox, Falco and Wolf on the Lylat System, with Snake on Shadow Moses Island, and with Pit at the Palutena Temple, a light press of the D-pad down will trigger some conversations like the one below. Seeing is believing!

Top 10: Best Video Game Easter Eggs for Easter

AAA, case in point wanted – the top 10 of the best gaming easter eggs

In the end we gave up. It was obvious that Grand Theft Auto sooner or later he would make his appearance here. The question is, which easter egg to choose? There are a lot of them over the course of the series, thanks to the genesis of the open world consumatasi between the Rockstar offices. We didn’t know which gem to include in this collection, until we stopped at the sign on the pier of San Andreas. The series, except for the occasional slip, never fails to raise the bar of quality. Except that today it’s a bit funny to think of a place that occupies “well” one megabyte point twenty-two …

Top 10: Best Video Game Easter Eggs for Easter

All up, and hats off – the top 10 of the best gaming easter eggs

We allow ourselves a hint of solemnity for this. It was the year 2015, when he left us a great: Satoru “President on the business card, programmer in the head and gamer in the heart” Iwata. For better or worse, all console startups present some surprises, from the eternal GameCube target of the Internet student spirit to the jingle of the Nintendo DS birthday. In honor of Iwata, however, perform the introductory gesture of Nintendo Direct (“directly to you”) with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con in hand on the day of his departure (July 11) will put us in front of his latest gift: one of his first works, Golf on NES. Do we have handkerchiefs?

Tt-trembling for a kiss quote – the top 10 of the best videogame easter eggs

Come on, we’re Italians. And we don’t know many Japanese works capable of making us jump like the manga for tomboys par excellence, His Majesty Dragon Ball. As of this writing, there are few adaptations as curated as fighting games Dragon Ball FighterZ by Arc System Works. And as fans we are, is it any wonder that our first thought is to stage the most iconic clashes of the series? Evidently the programmers were of the same opinion: the right combo between characters and arena will reward our acumen with special cutscenes with which to conclude (or start) the battle.

Top 10: Best Video Game Easter Eggs for Easter

Ivano and Castorino, I invite you to the concertino – the top 10 of the best videogame easter eggs

Our last “Music & Video Games” was all dedicated to Kenji Ito, but sooner or later we should dedicate one to Kazumi Totaka. However, if we had to dedicate just one paragraph to it, it would be enough for us to talk about the ubiquity of Totaka’s Song. In all the games he has worked on, Totaka has included this simple (and vaguely disturbing) melody. It can be found in the most abstruse ways (one above all, wait two and a half minutes on the game over of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins), but it is also possible to have it on in-game vinyl. If you are playing a Animal Crossing (one at random), ask KK Slider for “KK Song”. The chan-tant, among other things, is based on (and voiced by) Totaka himself, and his Japanese name is… Totakeke!

Top 10: Best Video Game Easter Eggs for Easter

“Oioi, I think I should have applied to INPS”

Since Easter is too happy a party, why not dampen it a bit by closing our top 10 with the most depressing easter egg ever? Hideo Kojima is known for two aphorisms: in addition to being composed “mostly of films”, the game designer holds true to a principle. “If the player doesn’t believe the game world is real, there’s no point in creating the game.” Too bad for those who live in the worlds he created, then. We think of that poor old sniper The Endin Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Since he is a centenarian, if we save the game during the fight and resume the game during the fight … he will be dead of old age. Uh … cheer!

Top 10: Best Video Game Easter Eggs for Easter

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: how would you have drawn up the ranking? But above all… did you find the surprise that we have hidden in the article? Let us know below, and as always don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.