Toshiba 18TB HDDs receive adapter certification

Gli HDD Toshiba da 18 TB ricevono la certificazione per gli adapter thumbnail

Toshiba Electronics Europe announced the end of the (successful) compatibility tests between the MG09 3.5-inch 18 TB HDDs and Microchip storage adapters. The series MG09 is based on the third generation design owned by the giant Toshiba. It features 9 helium-sealed discs and integrates innovative technology FC-MAMR.

The Host Bus Adapter e gli adapter RAID, (redundant array of independent disk), connect to the hard disk of the company to the server and allow the construction of sophisticated and advanced network architectures. This allows storage systems and the cloud to run stably and smoothly.

Toshiba’s 18 TB hard drives are compatible with a huge range of applications and operating systems, and boast 12.5% ​​more storage capacity than previous models. At this link you can consult the compatibility list with Microchip.

The words of the managers on the compatibility of Toshiba 18 TB HDDs

Rainer Kaese, Senior Manager Business Development Storage Products di TEE, he has declared:

“We are very pleased that our long-term cooperation with Microchip made it possible to certify the MG09 generation with their Smart Storage adapters so soon after the market launch. Companies using Adaptec adapters can install Toshiba’s 18TB MG09 enterprise drives for proven interoperability. “

Jay Bennett, associate director of product management for Microchip’s Data Center Solutions business unit, has explained:

“Microchip’s latest generation Adaptec NVMe and 24G SAS Tri-mode RAID and HBA storage adapters deliver the performance, connectivity, security and manageability that our customers require when deploying new storage infrastructures. Delivering solutions with proven interoperability with ecosystem components, such as Toshiba’s SAS and SATA HDD products, is critical to ensuring rapid and reliable integration and deployment of next-generation storage solutions. ”

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