Toyota GR86, 2 years and then stop selling: victim of Euro 7 standards

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Like a bolt from the blue, the news ruins the dreams of any sports car enthusiast. Even before seeing it in the dealership at the beginning of next year, in fact, we already know that after 2 years Toyota GR86 will say goodbye to Europe. The European adventure of the new Toyota GR86, the Japanese sports car substitute for the popular GT86, will therefore last about 24 months. The reason? The anti-pollution regulations, which already in 2024 will crush the rear-wheel drive coupe.

Toyota GR86, 2 years and that’s it: its 2.4 naturally aspirated will not comply with upcoming regulations

If you want to know all the details on the highly anticipated Toyota GR86, at the bottom of the page you will find our in-depth analysis where we tell you everything you absolutely need to know about the new GR86. The recipe has remained the same as the popular GT86: compact coupé body, naturally aspirated 4-cylinder flat engine, rear-wheel drive, manual gearbox and space for pure driving pleasure. Compared to the previous GT86, however, they were small defects are filed of the project. The 2.0 200hp engine has been replaced by a new 2.4 from 235 bhp, able to lower the 0-100 km / h by more than 1 second, now covered in 6.3 seconds.

More modern and aesthetically appealing, with more technology inside and with 18-inch wheels, the new GR86 has even changed its name to emphasize its evolution. Now it has become part of Gazoo Racing, the sports division of Toyota that combines the classic hybrid cars of the house with cars that aim only at driving pleasure. The one thing we didn’t know about the new GR86 was Toyota’s plans to bring it in Europe. The Subaru-branded sister, the BRZ, will not arrive in the Old Continent, while for the GR86 there were excellent possibilities. And today, in the aftermath of the Kenshiki Forum held in Brussels, we officially discover that Toyota GR86 will arrive in Europe from spring 2022.

But what we were not expected to hear is that his time on European soil is already markingto. Toyota has indeed announced at the side of the presentation of its new models that the European career of Toyota GR86 will last only 2 years. Its 2.4 boxer engine, in fact, will have brought 35 HP and 45 Nm more, but it is not the most suitable for the next regulations that will arrive in 2025. In fact, the 2.4 aspirated would not seem able to comply with the Euro 7 regulations.

Fux, Toyota Europe Vice President: “Toyota GR86 customers will have 2 years to enjoy our car”

For this reason, despite the adoption of an anti-particulate filter, Toyota GR86 career will last only 2 years. And to say it are not unauthorized indiscretions, but these rumors have been confirmed by the highest officials of the Japanese company in the Old Continent. “We are already receiving an increasing number of inquiries from prospective customers.” Said the CEO of Toyota Europe Matt Harrison. “Among them, there are also those who believe that the new Toyota GR86 could be thelast of its kind. And, at least as far as Europe is concerned, they might be right. “

These words therefore indicate that, at least in Toyota’s plans, the GR86 will not be replaced by such a pure car equipped with manual gearbox, aspirated engine and powers suitable for the real world. To these declarations, however, were added those of Toyota Europe Vice President Tom Fux. Reached by the microphones of Autocar’s British colleagues, Fux stated that “we believe this car is Great, and necessary for Toyota’s image in Europe. We have a small but very passionate group of customers out there looking for cars just like our GR86. ”

This is therefore the motivation that convinced Toyota to offer the GR86 in Europe, albeit for a short time. “In the end”, explains Fux, “we understood the importance of offering this car in Europe, but then we will have to stop selling it, because it will not meet the new requirements in the future. In these two years, however, enthusiasts will have the opportunity to purchase our GR86. “

What will be the future of the Gazoo Racing division?

So in 2025 will all Toyota GRs be waving goodbye? You can rest assured: it won’t happen, the Gazoo Racing division is here to stay. After hinting at the debut of the highly anticipated Toyota GR Corolla, equipped with a manual gearbox, 1.5 turbo and four-wheel drive derived from the GR Yaris, the future of Gazoo Racing is also assured in Europe. “When the vehicles all have to become zero emissions, we do not intend to close Gazoo Racing, but rather we want to continue the history of the brand.”, Fux said. The only one to say hello will, unfortunately, be the youngest of the GR, the GR86.

“A clear example are our two most important racing cars, the Hypercar in the WEC and our new WRC.“, spiega Fux. “Both will be hybrid cars next season, and both will be able to use synthetic fuels. We are working on technologies so as not to extinguish the passion, as we saw from our prototype GR Yaris powered by a hydrogen engine. We are therefore trying to understand how to maintain the brand and the passion for motorsport even in the zero-emission era“. Toyota therefore believes in sports cars, in the passion for the car and in the validity of solutions other than 100% electric. We will see one GR86 hydrogen in the next future? We do not know: certainly, however, Toyota will continue to entertain us a lot.

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